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Comment Re:The argument is "leaky" at best too (Score 1) 195 195

Not materially different from your immune system killing off the weaker individuals. A few stronger individuals may survive, and then what has your immune system done? Selected for a stronger pathogen.

I remember a paper from a few years ago which concluded that this was basically how we wound up with deadly diseases in the first place -- being the ones that throughout history have managed to be stronger than the host's immune system.

Vaccine simply cuts out the stage where lots and lots of hosts get sick or die.

Comment Re:Why should anyone help you? (Score 1) 557 557

It's the same kind of "Mommy fix!" crying kids do now because they've been taught that hyperprotective parents will save them from anyone saying mean things, and kiss their boo-boo for them and give them lots of attention every time they cry.

So now we're expected to all be these professional victims' hyperprotective online parents. Boo-hoo, mommy fix!! and give 'em milk and cookies while we're at it.

I was a lot more sympathetic before I read Wu's own words on the subject, and followed the little arrows to where she was doing what when. And... you're absolutely right.


Comment Re:Ah yes, let's talk about gender politics some m (Score 1) 557 557

As far as I've paid attention (I read gamergate.community articles occasionally), one thing I've noticed is that GamerGate itself is very much about self-policing, and harrassment of *anyone* is roundly discouraged.

BTW great post up above (the one that got the +5, I'd give it +10).

Comment Re:Commission (Score 1) 634 634

Or maybe it looked to them like she had progressed in her career and even if she wasn't who they wanted last year, maybe this year she is, but when they got as far as checking out her in-person knowledge, it wasn't there yet. People are not static.

Or could be she seemed like a great candidate, good enough to give a second-third-fourth chance, but once they had her in person they could tell she was still the same person they didn't want before. (Sometimes a negative trait isn't outgrown or discarded, or gets worse.)

Could be all sorts of reasons, not just "HR not keeping track" let alone "too old". My guess, tho, given the lawsuit -- is that she seemed like a great candidate til they got a firsthand look at her attitude.

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