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Comment: Ridiculous (Score 1) 742

by gorehog (#46319735) Attached to: "Microsoft Killed My Pappy"

Stop making me develop a separate style sheet for your browser. Toe the fucking line. This is possibly the most visible problem that makes people hate M$. Try writing a website from scratch and then find out that something like the float tag sin't working yet in IE so you can use it but you'll have to write something else for M$ browsers.

Comment: Re: Well if HP didn't already have a terrible rep. (Score 1) 385

by gorehog (#46163559) Attached to: HP To Charge For Service Packs and Firmware For Out-of-Warranty Customers

Generally, this type of enterprise class hardware comes with a support contract good for some period of time. During that time you can expect that the firmware and drivers will stabilize. So, don't buy this sort of hardware used if it doesn't come with a disk containing those files.

What bugs me is the faint possibility that they'll hold back firmware patches until the bulk of contracts for a given model expire. Holding back on a firmware update that enables more RAM to force people into extending their contracts? Sure!

Comment: Re:Not the same... (Score 1) 211

The entire analogy is faulty. Drones are only delivery vehicles. A drone is entirely capable of delivering a nuclear device or finding a lost hiker on a mountain. The problem of drones is one of the people deploying them. They're not inherently dangerous in the same way as a nuclear weapon.

Comment: Re:Hey look at us, we are still relevant! (Score 5, Interesting) 394

by gorehog (#44601675) Attached to: Wikileaks Releases A Massive "Insurance" File That No One Can Open

It's more likely that they've released the key for this file to the people they want insurance from. "See what we've got? All we need to do is release the key and everyone will know." They release these keys to a small set of folks around the world so they can publish the key if they need to. I bet that initial distribution list includes a senator and a head fo the CIA or something like that.

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