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Comment: Medical (Score 3) 158

Over 50% of practices have moved to electronic medical records. Most doctors (all?) are woefully unprepared to administer their networks. Some run servers and host their own EMR; many are moving to hosted "cloud-based" EMRs. There are an increasing number of regulatory burdens such as HIPAA, meaningful use, etc. It's a growth industry.

There are quite a number of freelance consultants and IT providers. You can provide sales, installation, support at the local level or partner with a vendor. Or, work in a large hospital or clinic system.

Comment: Graduate students (Score 1) 130

by gordonb (#46398091) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Automatically Logging Non-Computerized Equipment Use?
Cheap, available, and renewable.

Seriously. As a graduate student, I was responsible for managing and running a university-wide center for amino acid analysis and protein sequencing. As dedicated staff (namely me) used and maintained the equipment, it was not trashed by poorly-trained users. Proper protocols, sample preparation, calibration, and periodic assay of the standards were all assured.

Other solutions above will monitor access to the equipment, but that is a far cry from ensuring longevity of the equipment or accurate and reproducible results.

Comment: Banning illegal aliens is shortsighted (Score 4, Insightful) 1698

by gordonb (#30021228) Attached to: Landmark Health Insurance Bill Passes House
You will pay for the health care of illegal aliens - period.

Let me repeat that. Whether they come to the ER without coverage or are enrolled in a government subsidized insurance program, you will pay. At least, in the latter case, they will contribute something and, perhaps, get some earlier care that will avoid expensive hospitalizations.

The bone-headed reflexive anti-immigrant nonsense that passes for debate in the US just saddens me. We really need to upgrade our educational system.

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