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Comment: Re:audio/video (Score 2, Interesting) 432

by gorckat (#29982554) Attached to: FCC/DOT Want High-Tech Cure For Distracted Driving

I'll never forget the graphic drunk-driving presentation we got in high school.

The picture of a dude with a rear view mirror inside his skull was a pretty convincing reason to not drive drunk. Only the windshield mount part was sticking out of his head.

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Comment: Re:The Power Creep (Score 1) 74

by gorckat (#27191551) Attached to: A Veteran GM's Preview of the D&D Player's Handbook 2
until you realize that they probably should have just patched the system to give a +1 bonus to hit at 5th/15th/25th levels. and because the feat is now mandatory for all characters, and feats are supposed to be minor options that people can use to tailor their specific characters. No feats should be mandatory. Don't they still have a little blurb somewhere in there about how you can make any changes you desire to the rules...these sound like excellent starting points! Either give the +1s or give everyone the feat for free. Or will this violate the OGLCMA?

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