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Comment: Re:Moron Alert! Moron Alert! (Score 1) 280

by goonerw (#44162843) Attached to: Microsoft To Shut Down TechNet Subscription Service
Any questions?
Yep. What makes you think your suggestions have anything to do with Technet? Technet has SFA to do with the MS Development stack. It doesn't come with any paid version of Visual Studio for a reason. If you want a development stack, get MSDN.

SharpDevelop is free.
So's Visual Studio Express.

Comment: Re:How about removing the faux caps? (Score 1) 66

by goonerw (#40727221) Attached to: Aussie Network Engineers Form Members-Only ISP
With the NBN I believe most of the international links and peering will be handled by NBNCo

Umm no. All NBNCo do is provide a connection from you to your chosen RSP (reatil service provider), nothing more. Your RSP is the one that needs to provision the bandwidth from the PoI you're connected to, to the Internet.

Comment: Re:That's *it* for me and Blizzard, man!! (Score 2) 540

by goonerw (#40306101) Attached to: <em>Diablo 3</em> Banhammer Dropped Just Before RMAH Goes Live
To me, Blizzard's reasons and excuses are clearly nonsense.

And you have two clear choices
1) Accept Blizzard's design and pay for the game/play it
2) Don't accept Blizzard's design and don't pay for/play the game.

There is no 3) I'll pay but complain loudly that this isn't what I paid for.

Comment: Features already present in previous versions (Score 4, Informative) 470

by goonerw (#39990095) Attached to: The 30 Best Features of Windows
Yet another "click here dozens of times so we can get more advertising revenue" article. This could have been done in 3-4 pages, not 10+.

They also clearly haven't used Windows 7 as it has the ability to mount VHDs as well. (Windows 8 improves upon that by adding ISO mounting support) The way they wrote that "feature" is as if the VHD mounting is absent in previous versions.

Comment: Re:Apple? (Score 1) 192

by goonerw (#38607504) Attached to: Microsoft In Talks To Buy Nokia's Smartphone Division?
Yup, same here. It's frustrating that my wife and I both have an iPhone 4. She's on Optus and I'm on Telstra. Both of us will have "full reception" but she can't access any websites/youtube/facebook/etc. and I can. It's even more embarrassing for Optus when I tether her phone to mine because she can't access the data she's paid for. Optus even called her up the other day and offered here an in-home "mini-cell thingo". To which she repeatedly told the moron that the phone uses WIFI AT HOME!!! IF YOU WANT TO FIX MY ISSUES YOU'LL HAVE TO IMPROVE CELL-RECEPTION AT THE SHOPPING CENTRES I FREQUENT. She can't wait to switch to Telstra (boy did I never think to hear those words come out of her mouth, let alone mine, considering how hopeless Telstra are with the rest of their communications)

Comment: Malicious copyright groups (Score 1) 121

by goonerw (#37727678) Attached to: Australian Gov't To Streamline Anti-Piracy Lawsuit Process
What I don't understand is why these copyright failures don't use what is already in place. All they need to do is file an Order 15A for discovery with the court and the ISP will happily hand over the information required. Since this whole fiasco with iiNET had started, there had been exactly zero Order15A's applied for by AFACT. iiNET even told them exactly how to do it but were then painted as pirate-harborers and sympathisers. This entire argument by the industry is malicious at best. We have a judicial system here for a reason. A plaintiff just can't order a defendant around with "evidence" without that "evidence" being validated by a judge/magistrate with a court order. Here's one comment from 3 years ago that still holds true today: and his followup for more detail

Comment: Mountain out of a molehill (Score 1) 244

by goonerw (#36620608) Attached to: World of Warcraft Goes Free With Starter Edition
I don't get the fuss over this from /. and other tech sites (I'm glaring at you Ars Technica). The *ONLY* thing that has changed is they've removed the 30-day limitation. All the other restrictions in place have been in place for years. There is absolutely *NOTHING* stopping you from creating another account if the old one expired.

Comment: Re:This is covered quite well (Score 1) 427

by goonerw (#36054492) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Moving From *nix To Windows Automation?
- Enable unsigned scripts to run. Preventing .ps1 script files from running by default is a shit workaround for not having an execute bit, and is totally useless. Just turn it off.
Because the execute bit is far superior to only running digitally signed approved scripts from approved signers

SharePoint can be managed via direct SQL database queries from anything, with some care.
Assuming you don't ever want help from PSS.

Comment: Re:where are the ISP's With IPV6 and routers / mod (Score 1) 321

by goonerw (#35825590) Attached to: Asia Runs Out of IPv4 Addresses
Already out there and have been for years. They sell IPv6-capable modems too.

One of their biggest issues was dealing with a "prominent NA router vendor starting with C" where their LNSs and other hardware would fail spectacularly running certain common dual-stack configurations. It took them years to develop a stable patch for it.

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