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Comment BluRay impact? (Score 1) 345

So Hollywood would like us all to buy BluRay discs including those with 3D or at least rent them. With Netflix nuking discs I wonder what the HW execs think about their only channel drying up. Blockbuster is toast, Redbox is limited. As far as I've been able to tell BR content doesn't yet stream and even if it did might quickly bump in to BW caps now showing up at ISPs. gb

Comment 5.1, 7.1, 9.1...Who needs it?? (Score 1) 1162

Two points: I just looked at Netflix and they don't even have a defined method of searching for Blu-Ray discs. We still have DVDs in our queue in addition to streaming. We just ripped out our 5.1 speakers that were cluttering up the room in favor of two very nice *stereo* speakers. We don't really like all the SFX and crap coming over our shoulders. We prefer good plot and intelligible dialog without gratuitous audio crap. Maybe Hollywood and the AV manufacturers have lost their way...

Zombie Ants and Killer Fungus 125

nibbles2004 writes "An article in the Guardian newspaper shows how parasitic fungi evolved the ability to control ants they infect, ultimately leading the ant to its death. The fungus controls the ant's movements to a suitable leaf and causes the ant to grip onto the leaf's central stem, allowing the fungus to spore, which will allow more ants to become infected."

Submission IPv4 Exhaustion Pullin

golfbum writes: Today I noticed the exhaustion date at http://www.potaroo.net/tools/ipv4/index.html has taken a rather sudden pullin to now less than one year remaining before IANA runs out of /8 blocks. The prediction for RIR exhaustion is now less than two years. If you read the page in detail dates for both have been in this range before but more recently the IANA date was September/October 2011 and RIR date was about a year after that. Is this the sign of an impending run on the scarce resource that some have predicted or a flaw in the math of the prediction?

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