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Comment: Re:His mansion (Score 1) 127

by godglike (#43111023) Attached to: Dotcom Wins Right To Sue NZ Government

GCSB. Government Communications Security Bureau. NZ's CIA/MI5/MI6 equivalent

The police got the spooks to do it, presumably because police snooping would have needed permission from a judge.

But GCSB can spy on foreigners freely, which makes it all legal. This reasoning has been lambasted on billboards by a beer company.

So now the GCSB is facing ugly questions about what is they actually do and why we even need spooks since they are just a police dirty trick and tool for the US.

Comment: Supporting the crazies on this one. (Score 1) 246

Please Google, please please please, label it the Persian Gulf.

Everything that is Persia pre-dates Islam and shows that Persia was great without the help of Allah.

Long before the mullahs Persia ruled most of the civilised world in the west, with the mullahs its a bit player in a sideshow.

Everything Persian undermines the regime in Tehran, so...

Please Google, please please please, label it the Persian Gulf. And call the middle east "greater Persia", and Afghanistan Inland Persia, and Tehran the Persian Capital, and Iran the Persian Empire.

Also, can we sell Greece back to Persia? They wanted it a while back and its really no use to us anymore?

Comment: Re:Interesting technology (Score 4, Interesting) 601

by godglike (#39991315) Attached to: Microsoft-Funded Startup Aims To Kill BitTorrent Traffic

Tell me why trademarks need continual work to maintain, and patents worth BILLIONS last only 20 years but copyright lasts over a hundred years for NO MORE EFFORT THAN INITIAL CREATION.

What is so special about Walt Disney and Stephanie Meyers that they trump Steve Jobs and Arthur C Clarke?

Why are Arthur C Clarke's awesome books SOOO much more awesome than inventing geosynchronous satellites?

How come modern telephones are dependent on Hettie Lamar's expired and now worthless patent but her forgotten films are still "valuable"?

Comment: It's not astroturfing if they only asked (Score 1) 391

by godglike (#39653615) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: My Company Wants Me To Astroturf, Should I?
Until it comes from your boss, it's only a request and you can say "no".

If you're proud of the application, and you think it might help some people you know, by all means tell people about it.

Until it's an order and you disagree with the text of that order, you don't have a problem.

If it is an order and you disagree with the statement, then you have to consider whether that damage to your reputation is excessive given the consequences of not complying.

Comment: Re:Who picks these "standards" anyway? (Score 1) 193

by godglike (#39545547) Attached to: Australian WiFi Inventors Win US Legal Battle

"spent eight years slaving over a bottle opener that quickly and neatly extracts all the cork along with the wire restraint and foil wrapping from a champagne bottle."

Hardly sounds like an easy job, or much like a buggy whip.

By the way, NZ law specifically excludes inventions that have been patented elsewhere, so patenting 'extrapolate one obscure datapoint to generalise millions' is probably blocked by the yankee precedent.

Whenever a system becomes completely defined, some damn fool discovers something which either abolishes the system or expands it beyond recognition.