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Comment Re:Silvio Berlusconi (Score 1) 150

I think you are joking. Or you hope in the next 'Fiscal Shield'. the point is. who vote in italy is shameless. who vote for someone like Berlusconi is much worst than shameless. The italian justice has SENTENCES (not eye witness as you said) that he is one of the P2 and was involved with the Mafia at least since 1994, after 1994 was impossible to assess it (Ops.. exactly when he found Forza Italia, what a lucky guy!!). Or you think that all the italians attorney are communists that eat babies?

Comment Re:best camera (Score 1) 257

i'm in Africa for 1 year, i had the same problems.

i choose those (and everything is ok till now).

EEEPC if you mind to travel a lot, Compaq nx9420 (17" screen with a really good X1600 for playing purpose) if you stay long time in a place.
Sanyo XD2(720p video HD, 7Mpixel photo, not a grat camera for photo but REALLY GREAT videos) really small and lightweight, stay in a shorts pocket.
Ipaq smartphone (rechargable on USB, GRPS more important than UMTS around the world and cheapest, WM5) or any other GPRS-at-least smartphone

the satellite connection is too expensive for my pocket, the only satellite stuff i bring with me is a bluetooth GPS. (can be used with the phone and tom tom and any laptop).

Just m2c

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