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Comment Arms (Score 2) 308

Does no one read the second amendment? Where does it say firearms? We have laws against switch blades, slung shot, and computer programs (now revoked due to first amendment stuff) and other "arms". Restrictions are all a joke going off of fear and often racism rather than what is logical and the best for society.

Comment Re:Basic Statistics (Score 2) 312

Honestly, of the different things I have studied all had jargon that could have been explained in simpler terms, often in shorter common words. So much of it is a wall to the "stupid" people and their understanding.

Other times there are specific concepts with only one word. These need to be simplified and taught to when it is being introduced in journals, but that would be work and very few people have been trained to speak to laymen.

Even within the sciences some shorthand jargon means one thing in chemistry and another in in biochemistry.

Comment Re:I won't be buying one... (Score 1) 632

Sorry, I am going to be a bit pedantic with your first sentence.

Yes and no. Ruger had a pistol that some yahoo was playing with loaded, hammer down. It was a single action revolver that while he was twirling it on his finger dropped it and shot his wife in the head. They recalled it and added an additional safety so that the only time it could discharge was when the hammer was pulled back. I believe that Smith and Wesson had a "Hammer the Hammer" campaign to prove their safety. Trigger guards and trigger pull are also part of the overall safety make up as are safeties to ensure a hammer doesn't fall on a round until a semi-auto's chamber is locked.

So yes the trigger block acts that way, but many firearms have several redundancies that fall under the heading safties.

Comment Re:Gloves? (Score 2) 115

I was thinking a similar thought. I never wear gloves. Gloves suck. I knew of a person that wondered why it burned a while every time they put their gloves on, turns out they contaminated the inside and were particularly sensitive to the stuff. Habaneros I handle with care and don't devein or remove seeds and I don't leave with stinging fingers. At most I'll hold the pepper down with a fork and cut through the tines if i want a really fine/messy cut.

The instructions don't tell you to take off the gloves either. Hope the person removes them before peeing or picking their nose. At some point you have to assume a level of knowledge from the reader, so either place an about page in the front of the book about every ingredient and warnings about it so that people can look up unfamiliar ingredients or leave that to the reader to look up. For the most part people will just want to reference the recipes in a cookbook and will not have to re-learn how to chop hot peppers every single time they make salsa. For that there should be a separate basic kitchen skills book. Heck I've seen some good cooks with bad habits that could use that (myself included).

The original point might be good, but I think they could have found a better example.

You don't have to know how the computer works, just how to work the computer.