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Comment: Don't do it. Insist people do it individually. (Score 1) 257

by gnasby (#40216315) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Provisioning Internet For Condo Association?

One word: Don't.

Let a private provider offer the service, and have each person have their own individual billing account with the provider - then it is their problem and not yours. Otherwise you are stuck with doing tech support, billing, chasing after people that don't pay and dealing with all the typical thankless customer service BS. Plus your fellow condo mates will probably want you to do all of this coordination for free, and assume your time is worth nothing.

When I was in university, I lived in a lodging house with 10 other students. I ran a communal network with one internet feed, a private network, and collecting money from people for "their share". Never again. A complete pain-in-the-ass thankless job, which was definitely not worth the time/aggravation.

Comment: What do I need to do to reproduce the bug? (Score 1) 360

by gnasby (#38377284) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Get Non-Developers To Send Meaningful Bug Reports?

All I ask is that if someone submits a bug report to tell me exactly what I need to do to reproduce the bug, and what you want changed.

A good bug report should have enough information in it so a complete stranger can follow a step by step procedure to produce the "bug" and what I need to be looking for. I figure that if I can't reproduce the bug, it doesn't exist (and therefore I don't need to fix it).

Comment: Bell tech support is useless. (Score 1) 310

by gnasby (#28950685) Attached to: Bell Starts Hijacking NX Domain Queries

btw, if you are a current Bell customer don't even try calling their tech support to complain or ask how to opt out. I just did and the tech support had no idea what a NX Domain Query was, nor did the Supervisor I was transferred to. I even used small words to explain what Bell was doing and they claimed they had no idea what I was talking about. Go figure.

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