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Comment Mendeley / Xournal + Thinkpad X230t (Score 1) 180

For keeping a collection of papers, Mendeley is great! It's possible to annotate the papers with notes and a yellow marker. The yellow marker can behave a little bit erratic at times though -- Xournal behaves better in that regard, but it doesn't keep track of a collection of papers.

The best tablet IMO is a Thinkpad X230t (t for tablet): you can use it as a regular laptop to do real work, but fold it over and with its pen, you have the ideal user interface to take notes just as you would on paper. I still regret that I chickened out a few years ago and bought a "regular" Thinkpad X201 instead of a X201t...

Comment misleading statistics (Score 1) 357

Another case of misleading statistics...

The figures mentioned in the article are that 12% of the calls related to Android are hardware-related, vs. 7% for iPhones. From this, I could just as well draw any of the following conclusions:

a/ software problems take up a smaller portion of the issues related to Android phones than in iPhones; hence, Android phones are more user-friendly. -> headline: "Apple is losing out against Google on its traditional strength: user-friendliness"

b/ software problems take up a smaller portion of the issues related to Android phones than in iPhones; hence, assuming both user interfaces are more or less equally user-friendly, we can conclude that iPhone users are not as tech-savvy as Android users. -> headline: "iPhone users dumber than Android users, study shows"

What kind of reporting is this if they make blunt statements without ANY real basis to back things up.

Comment Re:Not a troll but.... (Score 1) 708

When you're looking into a linux laptop, the MacBook trackpad has always exactly been a big downside of Apple hardware, because of the absence of 2nd & 3rd buttons. (I have edge scrolling on my current laptop, and I doubt any other mouse gestures would be very useful: pinch to zoom may be useful to people working with photographs, but other than that I think it's more of a gizmo.) It was the reason that I've most always used my MacBook Pro with an external mouse to get anything done. Also, it doesn't have a full keyboard: page down/up, delete, probably others are missing. I'm a programmer, so the keyboard and mouse issue are real issues. And if you need to give a presentation, beware of forgetting your dongle, because without it you'll have to hope your audience has one, or you'll have to present on a colleague's laptop. Also, booting linux using the Mac bootloader is a bit more of a challenge than booting linux using PC hardware. Add to that that the MacBook Pro usually gets very hot and when compiling stuff usually has to be cooled by a loud fan, and I think there are much better choices out there.

Currently I'm using a Lenovo Thinkpad X201. It's got a full keyboard, 3 mouse buttons, a connector that can directly be attached to projectors using standard VGA cable. And it works perfectly with linux.

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