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Comment: Re:I sure hope this doesn't happen... (Score 1) 226 226

by gmdiesel (#40119653) Attached to: Is Facebook Going To Buy Opera?
Oh the irony. The little browser I loved, supported for years, version after version, then ultimately gave up on after tiring of all the sites that wouldn't work with it (surrendering to Firefox, which for some odd reason got the user base in months that Opera couldn't get in years), gets bought by a service I cannot stand. Hell, Opera might as well be bought my the Redmond Beast.

Comment: Re:I never saw one of those (Score 1) 113 113

by gmdiesel (#40082741) Attached to: Inventor of the TV Remote Control Dies

Ah, there's someone still reading Slashdot who actually remembers this stuff, even used it. These young folks speak of the Zenith tuning fork remote as if it were a relic unearthed in an archaeological dig, and are as unaware of why we call it the "clicker" as they are wondering why we say "dial" the phone.

Comment: No Problem (Score 1, Interesting) 360 360

by gmdiesel (#35242222) Attached to: Stanford, UCD Researchers Say 100% Renewable Energy Possible By 2050

By 2050 disease and war will have reduced the global population to a fraction of what it is today, and whoever is left will not be wasting energy on heating and cooling McMansions and feeding oversized vehicles and toys. It won't be that we've managed to move to renewables on a scale that can keep up with the population, just that we've reduced the population to the point that renewable energy will have no problem keeping up with demand.

Comment: Re:It's not meaningless at all (Score 1) 300 300

by gmdiesel (#28065925) Attached to: Is Linux's "Overall Market Share" Statistic Meaningful?
Exactly. Look at Opera v. Firefox. I hung in with Opera for years, version 1.x through 8.x, waiting for it to "take off," and for my bitching and moaning to sites that wouldn't work with it to finally pay off. Never happened. Along comes Firefox and, for a time, same story. But FFox, for whatever reason - some mention of an alternative browser in the mainstream press to "regular" people? - did take off. And it did seem like once it crossed that magic 1%, fewer and fewer sites were forcing me to launch the demon IE, or render pages with IE Tab (not an option when I'm running Linux).

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