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Comment Re:Rule #1 (Score -1, Flamebait) 894

I'm from Germany, were gun laws are much, MUCH stricter and therefore we aren't seeing such tragedies on a yearly basis like it's come to be anticipated in the US

German tragedies were in the 1930's and 1940's after civilian disarmament.

To think you are made of finer clay is naive.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1143

I have.

In the upper midwest an energy efficient 4500 sq ft house one will require 100 MBTU over the course of a winter if the average temperature raise is 50F. Wood contains at most 30 MBTU per cord if perfect, dry, and no loss (which does not happen)

So a 100% efficient system in that situation would consume a little more than 3 cords.

Rocket Mass Heater is not going to invent heat. Further, there were no building codes for it when I built the house. A quick check says there still are no building codes addressing the design which is not a trivial point. Even further, the exhaust gas is very low temp, which means there is a CO danger.

I like the theory of the design which is why I have a Tulikivi. It weights 15 ton which is kept about 110F radiating, 90% efficient if I run it correctly, and does not have the nasty flue issues. And I have the bake oven which makes the best pizza and bread.

Comment Re:Good (Score 3, Interesting) 1143

The stove is about 80%. I burn good wood in it and we use it for base heat. I also have a Tulikivi centrally located on the main floor of the house, which can get to 90% efficient. We use that for 1-2 burns a day on the coldest stretches and let the soapstone radiate the rest of the day.

A neighbor of mine uses coal. It's a different heat than wood and very nice and much less finicky than wood.

Comment Re:Good (Score 4, Informative) 1143

I burn 6-8 cord of wood per year and have a very, very small natural gas bill. The stove at the moment is burning three or four logs and the house is nice and warm--it stays warm at night until about -15C if the wind is up or -20C if calm and is fed about every 4 hours.

I'm not old and burning wood efficiently is not horrible.

Comment Re:Wanted: Annoying crotch sniffing dog (Score 1) 83

I will diagram the multiple puns:
The dog is what we are talking about.
The lab, a type of dog, is also a department you will find in a hospital.

If you have a positive medical finding of most anything in a hospital, and possibly from a lab, a physician will send you to a CAT scanner (computer aided tomography).

A cat is also a type of pet, much like a dog only without a soul. A side note is that a pet is also a type of scan, also known as a Positron Emission Tomography scan.

So in a short pair of sentences I was able to make fun of the dog, a lab, a CAT scanner and a cat and tie them with a thread of relevancy.

It was not that funny.

Comment Re:Fair and balanced.. (Score 1) 277

Sometimes a motto means exactly what it says.

I agree. "Progressivism" is just soft Marxism as opposed to an Orthodox Marxism.

Saying "forward" as "progress" like "My tractor makes forward progress" is I doubt what MSNBC intends. Let me rephrase that for you. When you say that the content of MSNBC is gently looking to the future, I say you are flat out full of crap.

MSNBC is as backward looking as they come--how else could they rewrite historical events to suit their purpose without looking backwards? My recent favorite is when MSNBC lauds the "Great Leap Forward" in a commercial referencing China's economic policy. Why would MSNBC call that a positive/great event? How did that turn out? Millions of Chinese dead. No Glenn Beck conspiracy required.

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