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Comment Re:Lost in Space? (Score 5, Informative) 167

Why, after all the things that Doctor Smith does to sabotage them, do they not just push him out of an airlock?

Why don't we kill all the politicians who betray us? Why do we forgive their lies and actually keep supporting them? It is because they are psychopaths who are experts at lying and manipulating us. Most of us don't know the first thing about psychopaths, and have no idea how dangerous they are. I think Doctor Smith shows a good example of an average quality psychopath (as opposed to the street thug and the polished politician.)

Comment Re:I've been reporting sellers lately (Score 1) 125

Thanks for the info. I have often received emails from vendors that demand that I give them a five star rating. The demands are couched in happy rainbow unicorn wording, but they are demands nonetheless. I refuse to comply, and have been sorely tempted to retaliate with ratings that echo how I despise their demands. But now I will probably use your useful link and report these directly. Thank you, sir!

Comment Re:Unfortunately (Score 5, Informative) 468

you do realize not more than 15 years ago you could fly with a weapon in the cabin. I'm sure you're also aware of the violence statistics in Chicago after they lifted the handgun ban.

I did not know that. 15 years ago, I flew quite often, and I thought I had to check any rifles, shotguns, or handguns. I always had to do their "residue check" which was NOT RANDOM. LIARS! But please elaborate on carrying firearms in cabin at that time. Thanks!

Comment Or just use the key (Score 1, Interesting) 97

I have never had a car with a remote lock/unlock device. I suppose it might be handy at night, but I don't have any trouble using a key by feel, either. So it seems to me the easiest way to prevent a problem is just not to use the electronic unlock.

Or don't worry about it. What are the odds that some bad guy will target your vehicle?

Comment Re:Needs to do more (Score 1) 149

That's interesting information, and of course it brings up the question, "Why not make it a multpurpose device?"

"Hey Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
"Well, I think so, Brain. If it had separate compartments and a switching valve, you could use it to fight fires, or quickly dispense spices and breading."
"Exactly, Pinky! With such a device in every kitchen, we could take over the world!"

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