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Comment It's different now (Score 1) 200

When I was younger, I read the RadioShack catalogs from front to end. At one time, I lusted after the SSB CB Base station and 5/8 base antenna. I bought and assembled a couple of the kits with plastic bases, and even a couple of "surprise boxes". When they put a TRS80 in every store, I was even more surprised. I played with it and even got the moon landing to work out.

I bought a different computer, but what exactly is the problem here?

Comment Re:Everywhere (Score 1) 210

Simpler solution. Eliminate fines for motor vehicle offenses. Use a points only system.

I think you are almost there. I think that most motor vehicle offenses are various levels of reckless driving, ranging from a California stop to killing people. Why not treat all these as crimes? If there is a verdict of guilty, the driver will have to spend time in jail. Run a red light and endanger other drivers? That's one night in jail. Show up at 7PM and leave at 6AM. No exceptions, and no buying out. Get caught driving drunk? That's one week in jail. Work it out with your boss. Injure someone because of negligence? Even more. If there is no crime, I think there should be no punishment. But if there is a crime, I think there should be jail time with no way for rich people to weasel out with money.

Comment Re:Lost in Space? (Score 5, Informative) 169

Why, after all the things that Doctor Smith does to sabotage them, do they not just push him out of an airlock?

Why don't we kill all the politicians who betray us? Why do we forgive their lies and actually keep supporting them? It is because they are psychopaths who are experts at lying and manipulating us. Most of us don't know the first thing about psychopaths, and have no idea how dangerous they are. I think Doctor Smith shows a good example of an average quality psychopath (as opposed to the street thug and the polished politician.)

Comment Re:I've been reporting sellers lately (Score 1) 125

Thanks for the info. I have often received emails from vendors that demand that I give them a five star rating. The demands are couched in happy rainbow unicorn wording, but they are demands nonetheless. I refuse to comply, and have been sorely tempted to retaliate with ratings that echo how I despise their demands. But now I will probably use your useful link and report these directly. Thank you, sir!

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