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Comment Houses Are Money Pits (Score 1) 264

First of all, it's a bad idea to take out a 30 year mortgage. A 30 year mortgage is for someone who is buying too much house for their income. Imagine a 3rd person who buys a house for 3x their income, pays it off in 10-15 years, and then spends the remaining 15-20 years investing his housing money. (As it happens, I took out a 30 year mortgage, but refinanced it to a 10 year mortgage after 5 years). Second, you probably shouldn't expect to get twice the salary moving to SV.

Comment C++ Template Syntax (Score 3) 414

Maybe it's improved with the new versions of C++, but I coded in C++ for many years before transitioning to iOS development, and I never wrote my own templated classes, mainly because I would never be able to understand what any kind of semi-complicated template would do. So, I just used STL and Boost, and only with the templates I was comfortable with.

Comment Death of Thunderbolt? (Score 5, Insightful) 529

The one thing I found concerning about the new MacBook is that it does away with Thunderbolt. So will there ever be a 5K supporting Thunderbolt connector, or will this be handled by USB-C? And will the charger for the new MacBook have ports on it? Like a mini-display port, USB, or even Ethernet?

Comment ArsTechnica link (Score 1) 78

I don't know what's being linked around. The numbers I got for the Core M-5Y70 were from this article on arstechnica:
Ars also gives the SunSpider results at 294/128 which is crushing while it gives a Octane scores of 9000/12000, which is a beating but not a crushing.
According to this review: the 3DMark values you are touting here fall apart on repeated running because of thermal throttling. Now, this is not necessarily the chips fault, maybe Lenovo did a bad job designing the cooling system, or is being too careful with overheating. An iPad Air 2 may throttle a bit, but not the 80% loss of CPU speed seen by the Yoga Pro 3.

Regardless, the hardware throttles aggressively and there’s little one could do about that. For instance, when trying to play games, both the CPU and the GPU drop to very low frequencies. In fact, I wasn’t able to run properly any of the titles I’ve tried on this laptop, not even older ones like Dirt3 on HD resolution with very low details. I did got somewhat better results when playing the game in Window mode, as you can see from the pictures below (look for Average CPU and GPU frequencies), but switching to Fullscreen resulted in an average of 6-8 fps. The same happend when trying Metro Last Light and I just gave up after that.

My point here is that at this rate, Apple will be putting out a fanless device that is faster, uses less power, has less thermal throttling (so wins both sprints and marathons). As of now, they have a device that uses less power and is faster at certain operations and will win most marathons.

Comment Assertions versus Facts (Score 1) 78

You can assert that the Broadwell chipset is a LOT faster than the A8X chipset all you want. You can even use all caps, but that doesn't stop the fact that the Yoga is faster at single core tasks (like browser rendering), slower at multi-core tasks, and a lot slower at graphics at least as measured by GeekBench and GFXBench. And it's probably a lot slower at long term operations where it will be more thermally throttled than an iPad. The question has always been, can Intel get more power efficient faster than ARM can become performant. As it stands now, it looks like ARM is answering that question.

Comment GeekBench & GFXBench (Score 2) 78

According to ArsTechnica:
GeekBench 3: Multicore
Yoga Pro 3: 3981
iPad Air 2:4553

GFBench 3: Offscreen (Manhattan):
Yoga Pro 3: 23 fps
iPad Air 2: 33
GFBench 3: Offscreen (T-Rex):
Yoga Pro 3: 45 fps
iPad Air 2: 70.4
Obviously, I'm cherry-picking here, but still. The iPad Air 2 weighs much less than the Yoga, and gets better battery life. It should not be able to trounce it at any significant benchmark.

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