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Comment: Re:Kind of early to predict that (Score 1) 305 305

My prediction is that they release a phone that runs on android, but has BES services installed on top. Who knows, they may even simply dwindle down to a "software company" that only provides a 'blackberry services' suite that installs on top of androids and iphones.

The enterprise level of companies will not consider moving away from BES, until something similar and secure is provided by apple or google. It may happen at some point, but until that happens, RIM has a chance to turn things around.

Comment: Re:I like Steam (Score 1) 241 241

I had my account compromised, however I was not banned for cheating. I just could no longer log in. I simply sent in a support ticket, verified my information, and the account was restored.

I personally love steam. I find the value to be far larger, simply due to the fact that I don't need to keep track of my cds, and keys for said cds. I delete the local content I don't wish to play, and when i get the urge to play one of my older games, I simply redownload and off I go. I actually play my old games now, whereas I have yet to reinstall my old games I've purchased still on CD...

To me, steam is one of the best things to happen to pc gaming. I generally have not bought a game that was not released on steam.

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