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+ - Fantasy football becomes reality -democratic sport->

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gjuk writes "There's an interesting initiative in the UK setting up a website to garner funds to buy a football (soccer) club, and run it via a form of edemocracy.

The goal is to raise £1.35million ($2.7million) and use it to purchase a professional club. Subscribers via the website would become shareholders. All shareholders would then vote via the web on team selections, buying and selling players, etc.

Given that most fans of real clubs believe they'd do a better job than the actual managers — this may be a worthy experiment, and given the similarity between football club management and local government, may be instructive for democracy."

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Comment: Friendly Fire? Hearts and minds? (Score 2, Interesting) 772

by gjuk (#19890927) Attached to: First Robotic Drone Squadron Deployed
Given the number of friendly fire incidents which have occurred with human pilots in Iraq - would we expect Robotic Drone Squadrons to enhance the safety of friendly forces or to erode it?

And would they be more or less likely to kill enemies? Harder to capture them, I imagine?

Finally - doesn't seem like the ideal way to win hearts and minds - imagine growing up in a City patrolled by Western death machines?

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