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Comment Re:Therapy? (Score 1) 133

Hardware hasn't advanced that much, especially on the desktop side, in the last 5 years. You could easily have a zippy Core2 Duo with 8GB of ram and run linux on it, no problem, especially if you aren't doing anything cycle-intensive like model rendering, or video encoding.

It might run hotter than a haswell corei7, but that's about it. What cost are you talking about?

Comment Re:Take pictures and look at them later (Score 1) 60

>No. It could be done with a handheld camera, plus some platforms and safety harnesses, and plenty of extra hours of work. Inspecting the tail fins, and the top of the fuselage is far easier, quicker, and cheaper with a drone.

Hear that? The sound a $300 drone makes when crashing into a $50,000 piece of equipment. It might be quicker with a drone, but it's def. not cheaper.

Comment Yeah, but can you stop the NSA (Score 2) 66

Does anyone know of a SOHO package that can keep out the three letter agencies? I'm pretty sure even if these SOHO routers had stellar security does anyone believe they could keep out the NSA or a determined attacker from compromising your network? Even the best models basically just have a linux distro running iptables.

Comment Re:And I'm the feminist deity (Score 1) 446

Yeah, it just seems to me that girls are under a lot of peer pressure to pursue social, status-raising activities. Sitting in front of a PC hammering-away Java for 5 hours a day isn't very glamorous, exciting, or social, and there's the "nerd" stigma associated with it.

Even women who are naturally inclined to pursue Comp Sci or engineering do so to pursue careers in finance or business, and make more money, not necessarily because they love computers. And moreover women who are employed by tech-companies usually work in the non-technical areas, like PR, marketing, sales, etc.

If Google wants more women in tech, they should make coding (a solitary and unglamorous pursuit) look cool, exciting, and socially positive. Maybe they need a Java Camel.

Comment Re:What alternative site can we visit? (Score 2) 613

Except it's 2015, there's hardly a structural barrier keeping women out of STEM.
In fact girls are overly encouraged to study math and science. Celebrities and the media
tell girls it's cool to study science.

The thing is that college and graduate level science courses are hard, require practically a single-minded dedication to succeed in, and have very little social prestige. And even then there are plenty of women who graduate with hard science degrees (chemistry, physics, math) from 4-year colleges.

But then they go off to work on Wall Street, where the money is, instead of going to graduate schools (for science) or going into a lab.

So enough of the 'it's 1955 all over-again' bullshit!

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