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Comment: Re:Yeah! (Score 1) 166

by giuda (#43289717) Attached to: Direct-to-Vinyl Recording Makes a Comeback (Video)

Telephone lines have a frequency response from 300Hz to 3kHz.

No. That frequency response is filtered from the cable, to grant a good transmission quality on long distances in analogue mode. In fact, 300Hz - 3 KHz it's the frequency range when the human speech is enough clear to be understandable. ADSL on copper lines works because the signal is using frequencies > 3 KHz, and distance to the DSLAM matters. Nearer you are from it, better your ADSL speeds. In fact, a copper cable can have a frequency response in MHz.

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I have a Samsung 3D LED (series 7000) which does 2D -> 3D conversion. I was skeptical at first but the conversion works surprisingly well. It works better on HD content (watching F1 or Soccer with it is awesome), but it works on SD content too. I think it uses as 3D cues the blurring of the off focus images and some parallax analysys. Try it in a store, it may work for you too.

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