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Comment Can they make a robot good at rules lawyering? (Score 4, Insightful) 287

Because that's what you're paying for when you hire a lawyer. Someone who's good at finding loopholes.

What about negotiation and mediation? Can robots sweet talk people who have good cause to dislike you into agreeing to a deal that may work against them? Because that's what the really expensive lawyers do.

Comment Re:Scammers (Score 2) 286

"You want to really protect yourself? Get into the distribution/warehouse business - so you have a warehouse full of food, water, etc. on hand all the time. Put a shelter under/in your work place."

Except that'll be the first place the desperate, starving hordes will raid. Maybe people should focus on preventing the apocalypse, instead of secretly wishing for it.


Because they're in a crowd, a really densely packed crowd. They might see that the crowd up ahead of them has slowed down but the people ten, twenty or a thousand meters behind them haven't. So the guys behind them keep pushing forward, and if you try to stop you'll be knocked down and walked over yourself. That is if the pressure of the mass of bodies doesn't crush you to death.

Add panic to that, even if only a few people do, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Comment I think her arguments are flawed. (Score 1) 536

And puritanical. However I think in some case we should ban sex-robots. I think if they're just a machine, without any self-awareness then I don't have a problem with them. If however a sexbots are sentient, even to a limited degree then making them is nothing more than sexual slavery. Much as Charles Stross and Greg Egan have pointed out. The trick will be how do we determine if a robot is sentience, and at what level do we say no more.

I also think that in the near future anyone with sexbot will be considered a bit of a fuck up, unable to manage even basic relationships with the opposite sex.

Comment Re:Confusion (Score 0) 147

If that we're true, then the media would have no hesitation labeling hate crime committed by white guys as terrorism. I see a lot of mass shootings shot up in the states by white nationalists, using Christian ideology to justify their actions against women, African Americans, and Jews.

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