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Comment: Re:"mobius"? (Score 1) 53

by ghmh (#48965495) Attached to: Physicists Make a Mobius Strip From Beams of Light

Actually, wouldn't capital letters be cheaper to send from an energy viewpoint? If they've got less 1's in each byte and a 0 is assumed 'lack of signal'...

They might take more pixels to draw though? So energy costs would go up at display time (assuming you're displaying it of course. Interesting - oh, unless it's black on white so then it's cheaper again...

I think I'll stop now before further thinking about this makes my head explode.

Comment: Re:Is it fixed? (Score 5, Insightful) 247

I do the same thing as the author in the article. To confirm this you need to change the email address you received the spam from at the same time you notify the company.

e.g. localaccount

becomes localaccount localaccount

If 'thecompany2' address gets spam they're still compromised. Repeat until fixed or you lose trust in 'thecompany'.

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