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Comment: Re:Indians returning to India is old news (Score 1) 309

by ghee22 (#38094120) Attached to: A Job Fair For Jobs In India — In California

Indians returning to India is old news. Not all Indians who come to America stay. Many return because they get home sick or they can't adjust. Many also return to India because they can get a better deal in India. For the same set of skills they can live better in India.

Bingo. Parent is right about the "better deal". Middle class in India is not the same as middle class in America. Maids and cooks are common for middle class in India. In metro NYC, you are looking at $60/hour for a decent maid team, costing you at least $180 for a decent cleaning of a 1 bedroom apartment.

Comment: Re:Slower and slower (Score 2, Interesting) 112

by ghee22 (#32718026) Attached to: Google Bringing HTML5 To Gmail
I recall this being Firefox's defense arguement (http://developers.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/02/14/2154224).

I have not analyzed Gmail's code, so I am not, with confidence, to state that Gmail is increasing memory usage to cache data.

However, I have not noticed any, significant or insignificant, performance boost from Gmail at 300% memory usage at +4 hours versus Gmail at 100% memory usage at +0.25 hours. I am currently attempting to debug my issue by disabling individual labs, and comparing memory usage results after a significant time has passed with the Gmail tab open. This is by no means a proper scientific study, but I do have hope that the leaker(s) will be identified.


Please Do Not Change Your Password 497

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the my-password-is-trustno1 dept.
cxbrx writes "Mark Pothier's Boston Globe article, 'Please do not change your password,' covers a paper by Microsoft Researcher Cormac Herley, 'So Long, and No Thanks for the Externalities: the Rational Rejection of Security Advice by Users,' from the 2009 New Security Paradigms Workshop. Herley argues 'that user's rejection of the security advice they receive is entirely rational from an economic perspective.' Herley discusses 'password rules,' 'teaching users to recognize phishing sites by reading URLs,' and 'certificate errors.' Users obviously choose bad passwords, but does password aging actually help? There was some discussion on TechRepublic. I'm especially interested in hearing about studies about password aging."

+ - EDS mainframe goes titsup, crashes RBS cheque syst->

Submitted by tugfoigel
tugfoigel (80286) writes "HP managers are reaping the harvest of their deep cost-cutting at EDS, in the form of a massive mainframe failure that crippled some very large clients, including the taxpayer-owned bank RBS.

An IBM Z10 at EDS's Stockley Park site, west of London, fell over this week after vital microcode fixes* had not been applied, because all the qualified staff had been fired.

Previously the updates would have been applied by the Stockley Park hardware team, who have all been made redundant.

When EDS' disaster recovery plan kicked in, switching processes to another Z10 at Mitcheldean in Gloucestershire, a similar lack of maintenance scuppered the stand-in machine."

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