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Comment: Re:While your at it...... (Score 1) 411 411

" However, I, for one, GREATLY appreciate the no smoking rule for restaurants here in Tennessee. I, for one, like to smell and taste the food I am eating, and, not the acrid and annoying smell of stale tobacco smoke. Smoking and non-smoking areas for restaurants were a joke... " Then just don't eat there, why support greater government control? If someone wants to run an establishment where smoking is allowed then let them!

Comment: Re:But does it work? (Score 1) 707 707

You can't demand a lawyer until you are arrested. During the field test you are not under arrest. They use the field test to decide if they are going to arrest you or not. NEVER TAKE ANY FIELD TESTS. DONT PHYSICALLY WALK A LINE OR TAKE A FIELD BREATHALYZER! It will only be used as evidence against you later. If you get arrest afterwards you car will be impounded and you will be required to take the breathalyser at the police station. You can refuse that too but then there will be bad repercussions. You may lose your drivers license for awhile.

Comment: Re:earth sciences, who needs them? (Score 0, Flamebait) 485 485

This is the broken window fallacy. Those jobs don't create wealth. Instead no wealth is generated and in some cases is lost. The money going to those jobs should have been spend on something that would generate more wealth than they cost. That is stimulus.

Comment: Re:Hey google, want to save some money? (Score 3, Informative) 386 386

A 12v battery. I never knew DC was more efficient than AC! WOW GOOGLE IS SO COOL!

I'm not sure if you are being sarcastic. A 12v battery in the power supply is more efficient than taking DC -> AC -> DC. That is what a UPS does, each conversion introduces loss. Having the battery in the power supply means there is no conversion so less power loss.

Comment: Re:Wasn't that the.... (Score 1) 232 232

Why is Rise of the Triad notable? Technology: It came out after Doom and used a heavily modified Wolfenstein 3D engine. Gameplay: It had never before seen weapons and multiplayer was fun but the game overall got old. I dont think rise of the triad deserves much of anything.

Comment: Re:Wha... (Score 1) 849 849

Yes it does exist. It depends on how to define freedom of speech. If you mean unbridled, say anything you want, when ever you want and where ever you want, with equal volume for all then no, we don't have freedom of speech but freedom of speech in America has never been legally defined as that. It protects you from the government when speaking against the government, even if your speech seem loony and incites anger.

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