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Comment Holy LOL incredulous hypocrisy batman (Score 1) 909 909

sung to the tune of Sponge Bob Square Pants: Who lives in a glass house and has the name Steve? Unpleasant, ironic and Nazi is he? If stifling of choice is something you wish, Then act like a dick and sue like a bitch! Steve says Droid does Steve says Droid does Steve says Droid does Steve sayyyyys Droid doooooes! (porn)

Comment Running Demos (Score 1) 137 137

I've been unable to get any demos to work which were recorded on the 1.32c exe, obviously because this is based off ioq3. If anyone cares to record or get vanilla demos for showcase purposes I'm all ears. OSP/mods appears to run, but being able to play match demos to show off gameplay would be the BOMB. Also, id software should REALLY take notice here and release a spectator-only client for QuakeLive which runs on Adroid ;-)

Comment Consider using Google Pack (w updater) (Score 1) 98 98 This is too cool for school - by selecting the programs you want through Google Pack, a special exe will be created for download which installs these programs and the google updater which runs as a scheduled task. Easy button FTW.

Comment Here we go again (Score 2, Interesting) 314 314

In my 15+ year history of dealing with Dell, getting them to admit fault is near impossible. I've been through quite a few such incidents and I have to say, I may never forgive Dell for the Optiplex GX270 SFF. If they would just be a responsible company and fix their mistakes openly I might consider doing business with them again some day.

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