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Comment: Tried a couple recently, settled on Asus RT-N56U (Score 1) 334

by gerald626 (#38231584) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Flash-Friendly Router To Replace Aging WRT54GS?

My WRT54GL wasn't keeping up either with DD-WRT. Tried Tomato, but it just didn't do the trick for me. I tried the Linksys E3000 model, but my throughput went down by 100K/s. I swapped that out for the Asus RT-N56U and my throughput has never been better! Stock firmware is sufficient, and it has most of the features I wanted. Only missing feature was dns-o-matic support. QoS support is detailed enough for my needs (DNS, then VPN, then gaming, then everything else).

I know that custom firmwares typically let you do more, but I'm quite happy with the stock firmware on this model, for now at least. Still have to try the UPnP feature though.


+ - Advice on open source round-robin seating progs.

Submitted by gerald626
gerald626 writes: My local community centre is planning a big game night. It's going to be a round-robin style of game, but not a tournament. Probably cribbage or some other table/card game. Everybody will get a chance to play everybody else but no more than twice, and we're not sure exactly how many people will turn up, or how many tables we will have. So we need a way to figure out the seating arrangements rather quickly. My question to the Slashdot community is, are you aware of any free (as in speech or as in beer) programs/spreadsheets/scripts/whatever that I can use to help figure out the seating arrangements? The community centre obviously doesn't have any budget for this, and I have been unsuccessful in finding anything on my own. Thanks.

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