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Comment Re: Hugging and Stretching (Score 1) 406

Pretty sure from Paul Allen's book that MS got the idea for word from a guy from PARC that interviewed with them and that they subsequently hired to develop it for them. Also with Dos ibm asked for an OS and they told them to talk to Digital Research but DR screwed up the meeting with IBM and IBM came back to MS asking if they could do it. Paul then had the idea of buying QDOS since it would give them a head start since time was very limited until the launch of the IBM pc. I think they ended up hiring the developer of QDOS too

Comment pick and choose (Score 1) 234

ifart should have been rejected too for some of those reasons. Obviously apple worries that the gubberment wont like this hence the ban - dont remind the citizens that their tax $$ are being used in ways they probably wont like- just keep everyone calm and consuming

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