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Comment Hijacking opportunities for malicious "friends". (Score 1) 114

Interesting, so three of your "best friends" could work together to reset your password and gain access to your facebook account? In middle and high school enemies and friend change quickly. This could create some nice hijacking opportunities for malicious "friends".

Comment Theories without proof is just religion (Score -1, Redundant) 278

I understand the challenges of putting evolution against the scientific method... but something like this seems like a no-brainer. I want atheism to be based on fact. Theories without proof is just religion. These guys are scientist right? Let see them do some actual science. Create an environment that proves this theory to be correct. If it doesn't work modify the theory and try again.

Comment Leadership. (Score 1) 683

If you lead and no one follows then you're just out for a stroll. You're problem is leadership. Sounds like you already discovered that criticism isn't an effective method of exerting influence. Only after you win his heart will he be open to logic. This dude is probably sensitive about the age gap between the two of you. Play off of that by learning COBOL or something. Only when his age difference makes him feel intelligent and respected will he start to come around to appreciate what you know. It'll take weeks, not days, to win someone over and only then should to start talking about modern software design.

Comment The game of life is rigged (Score 1) 532

The game of life is rigged such that you can't know the answer. This is true of both atheist and religious alike. For the atheist, you can't prove the presents of nothing. For the religious (and intelligent designers), god doesn't want you to know or he would have provided a doorway to the "afterlife" that didn't require death.

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