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Comment: Re:Why not code at home? (Score 1) 353

Yes, I did read that part. I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect him to a buy a license of his own for this software. If he's not directly competing with his employer, then he might be able to develop some add-ons that don't collide with his employer's business. I agree with you entirely about what will probably happen if OP starts selling company code from his day job.

Comment: Why not code at home? (Score 2) 353

IANAL. If you really want to explore this, though, you should get one. Your employer is paying for you to code on company time. It is reasonable to expect that anything you develop on company time becomes the property of the people who have paid you for that time, especially if you are using company resources to do so. Why not develop your own projects at home on your own time? There's much less room for a theft argument if you use your laptop, your internet, your tools and your time.

Comment: How is this even necessary? (Score 4, Interesting) 85

Law enforcement has access to this information *anyway* via the phone company. Many, probably most carriers are complying with warrantless wiretaps *anyway* - Verizon and ATT are known to do so. Is it really that goddamn hard for the police to ask for this data? And why does the FBI need to hide this?

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