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SolarPHP 1.0 Released 125

HvitRavn writes "SolarPHP 1.0 stable was released by Paul M. Jones today. SolarPHP is an application framework and library, and is a serious contender alongside Zend Framework, Symphony, and similar frameworks. SolarPHP has in the recent years been the cause of heated debate in the PHP community due to provocative benchmark results posted on Paul M. Jones' blog."

North Korea's Own OS, Red Star 316

klaasb writes "North Korea's self-developed computer operating system, named 'Red Star,' was brought to light for the first time by a Russian satellite broadcaster yesterday. North Korea's top IT experts began developing the Red Star in 2006, but its composition and operation mechanisms were unknown until the internet version of the Russia Today TV program featured the system, citing the blog of a Russian student who goes to the Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang."

Comment Re:Let's just get over this and move to 64bit (Score 1) 756

Ah. I see "32-bit host operating systems". Here's the quote from the VirtualBox manual:

In particular, 64-bit guests are supported under the following conditions:
1. You need a 64-bit processor with hardware virtualization support (see chapter
1.2, Software vs. hardware virtualization (VT-x and AMD-V), page 11).

Comment Re:Let's just get over this and move to 64bit (Score 1) 756

That's an artificial limitation, too. Sun proved you can run 64bit operating systems and virtual machines on 32bit CPUs.

Huh? Since when did Sun prove this?

Obviously it's slower, though, since 64bit operating systems assume the existence of some speed-enhancing CPU features.

You mean like the existence of a 64-bit CPU?

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