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Comment Re:65 VW Bug (Score 1) 373

> Does anyone around here remember DRIVING those carbureted, non-computer cars?

Maybe your American cars had breaks failing and stuff like that, us in Europe... well, I drive a car since before I got my licence. Started at 12, never got any of these things you mentioned, nor did anybody else.

I NEVER heard of anybody having their breaks fail (they gradually loose effectiveness, until you fix them). Engine cutting off ? Sure... if something (electrical component usually) fails at the time you're driving - again, not a problem if you're maintaining your car. Happened 2 to me in 15 years of driving a car. Not a big deal.
And I'm talking about 15 year old car.. that's how my car was old when I started driving it.

Thing was, 20 years ago, you could fix your car yourself for minor problems, now when you open the hud... you can just stare at it.

I myself don't want my freaking car connected to internet or being "smart" in any way. I'm smart enough for it.

Comment watches as a functional thing.. (Score 1) 202

... are extinct. People I know that still have watches, most of them have watches as a fashion statement. It's a jewelry.

Other groups I'm aware of are old people who need glasses to see their phone screen, and "some" rich people to show off. Who the f needs a $1000+ USD watch ? Never mind $5k+.

Eventually they gonna disappear all together same as pocket watches did.

It's called evolution. Either you keep with the times or eventually you loose your business and get forgotten.

Comment Re:Not the best summary... (Score 1) 195

> I'm not a big fan of government coercion as the solution to everything, but vaccinations are a public health issue where you are affecting more than yourself whenever you sneeze.

How ? Aren't you vaccinated ? If you're vaccinated against flu, and then 5 days later I get the flu and I'm not vaccinated... you still gonna get sick if I sneeze ?

If we throw that argument out of the window, why on earth would you accept governments forcing people into this ? If I consciously decide not to vaccinate myself and my children, what does that have to do with you ? You're already vaccinated, how can I threaten you ?

Comment Re:Meanwhilie is Russia, GMOs are banned - Serious (Score 0) 446

> I have all ready arranged an explanation for you guys when Russia shows lower rates of disease X and scientists proclaim the "Russia Paradox":

Of course. Because you Americans are all smart, all powerful and always right. No propaganda in your _free_, _democratic_ country. No corruption in your country, you legalized it. You don't kill and commit genocide while you wage war, only Russia and those other "non-friendly" countries do. You are morally superior to everybody, and you're better than everybody !! Right ?? C'mon now, don't pretend you don't think like that.

Fuck your science. It's fueled by money and as long as it is "corrupted" like that, I don't want it to be anywhere near me ..and especially not in my food.

One thing is sure. I'll never come close to your country. Really wanted when I was young, but the older I am.. I'm seeing that you people are seriously disconnected from reality and well, just plain nuts. You people are nuts. Thank god there are countries in this world that don't give a shit about what you think and your laws, so I, and other sane citizens of this planet can go. Yes, Russia is saner than you ever will be.

So once more, fuck you, your country, it's laws, three letter agencies, monsanto, militarized police, propaganda machine that's too big to comprehend (everytihng on you tv, hollywood included), politician sociopaths war criminals (every single one of them) I hope you have a FAT life. As I'm sure you will.

Stuff those chemically laced and fake rotten food up in your arrogant know-it-all-all-righteous mouth !

Comment Re:And still we don't learn (Score 2) 89

Because it's easy to install and maintain, it has millions of free templates and plugins and it's highly flexible.
Because small startups cannot AFFORD a custom coded CMS, themes, plugins or TRAINING.
Small startups/businesses in my experience are majority of wordpress users and their money is better spent on marketing, paychecks, and everything else that's needed to get the project off the ground.

I can literally set you up with a site and a ecommerce system in 20 minutes for FREE - that's why. The site that will be functional and professional looking.

The guy I work for now is doing sales of his own brand product. All his sites are in wordpress including the shop site. All of these were made by "clueless" people (in terms of IT knowledge) and he's doing $35k USD a month in sales after 1 year of doing it.
It's a small startup, and if wordpress didn't exist - his business wouldn't exist and salaries for 4 people wouldn't exist.

Wordpress has pretty good support as well. Updates are released often, and on dashboard you get notified of those updates - after which you do 2 clicks - done. Up2date, vulnerability gone. If they don't fix known bug, cool - hire somebody to fix it for you.

I know slashdot people like to shit on wordpress, PHP etc., but hundreds of thousands of businesses are on internet because of wordpress. It's a great CMS.
Internet is not only geek's playground anymore. Common people are on it now and are running their own internet business thanks to wordpress/joomla, facebook apple and the likes. But I also know average slashdot nerd don't care or understand much about how things work outside of what he does for a living.

Comment cause of intent (Score 1) 460

Whatever people invent some other people are gonna try to exploit it, and in some cases they will succeed.
To successfully prevent people murdering other people you need to treat the cause of that intent. Or at least start thinking about it instead of just forcing another dumb law or trying to put a camera in the cockpit, remote control .. whatever.

In 20 years there will be so many laws and regulations it will be impossible to live.

Comment Re:This validates the US policy... (Score 4, Insightful) 737

What's up with people and these retarded knee-jerk reactions ? And you got even modded insightful. This was obviously premeditated. You don't think the guy would be capable of doing the same thing if a clueless flight attendant was there while pilot is taking a leak ? A guy capable of killing himself and 150 other people like this is perfectly capable of knocking the flight attendants lights out before locking the door, and if he really intended to crash the plane... he would indeed punch her/him out first.

Second thing... there's what.. 100k flights per day for the last 10 years ? That's like 360000000 flights. For one freak occurrence you should not introduce new laws and regulations and shit. That's exactly what happened on 9/11 .. knee jerk reactions which introduced dozens of new regulations and laws that basically did nothing but made life more difficult and annoying (security theater). And don't give me that crap how every life matters.. nobody cares really about strangers, ottherwise everybody would be in tears over starving children in Africa and some other places instead of stuffing themselves with pizzas, burgers and beer while reading slashdot and playing Call of Duty or whatever. This is just IN now.. plane crashes. So everybody is commenting about it, talking about it, and falsely emotional about it.

And finally, comment on your post title (This validates the US policy). -- The US has some of the stupidest policies ever. They are like everything else - fake.
On the surface (or on the paper) they look cool and effective, in real life they're just a shallow cover or a front for taking away your freedom and controlling your life.

I hope Europeans will actually think how they gonna deal with this instead of doing what Americans are doing. Perhaps incorporate emergency biometric scanner or something like that on the door that can override the "unlock" option ? There are dozens of better systems than .. "oh yeah, we can solve the problem by putting the flight attendant in while pilot is out"...


Comment Re:America, the Police State. (Score 1) 140

You know who's to blame ? Common people (includes slashdot). When some of us were seeing this coming 10-15 years ago.. we were branded as lunatics. Now.... I'm so glad this is happening.
That's for being too blind(or more probable - dumb) to see it before it happened. And guess what ? It's gonna get worse. They gonna teach your kids through movies, music, mainstream media, *tube thingies to like living in a police state were no rights exist.. only (couple of) privileges.

Comment Re:Is this a good thing??? (Score 2) 208

Of course it's not a good thing. But as I see it... only people that worry more about "looks" (some people like blue eyes, especially in asia) will bypass thousands and thousands of years of evolution in favor of "looking good", and nature has a way of dealing with stupidity.

Comment Re:I like the ghost town. (Score 4, Informative) 146

Tried filtering ? There's an option on facebook "I don't want to see this" or "Turn off notifications".
Most of the things people have on their feeds or whatever that "home page" on facebook is called is garbage anyway posted by people you barely know.

That way you gonna get relevant (to you) feed.

Nobody I know is using G+.. and everybody I know is using facebook, in all age groups - including my whole family(between age 7 to 66) that I like keeping in touch with. Many people abandoned all other styles of communication (emails, IMs) and just use facebook and fb messenger. Until Google get's all those people to use G+ .. I for one am not interested, because the point is to 'connect' with people and G+ don't have any.

So everybody can bitch about facebook as long as they want.. but the fact is, the whole damn world is using it - so it's obviously what people want. Google circles.. nobody was interested a year ago, and nobody is now.

Comment leave people alone (Score 0) 187

This is just another attempt to control people. What's it gonna be in 50 years ? I'll have my TV call police and 5 days before it thinks I'm gonna commit suicide, based on my behavior in the last one month ? It's "we know what's good for you, not you.".

Fuck off all of you. I'm gonna live the way I want and I'm gonna die the way I want, and I don't need to facebook and to tell me anything. Come to think of it.. even people close to me. It's MY life.

These people seriously, just ruined technology for me. I hate it for good couple of years already and having less and less of it.

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