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Comment: leave people alone (Score 0) 156

by geekymachoman (#49144731) Attached to: Facebook Puts Users On Suicide Watch

This is just another attempt to control people. What's it gonna be in 50 years ? I'll have my TV call police and 5 days before it thinks I'm gonna commit suicide, based on my behavior in the last one month ? It's "we know what's good for you, not you.".

Fuck off all of you. I'm gonna live the way I want and I'm gonna die the way I want, and I don't need to facebook and to tell me anything. Come to think of it.. even people close to me. It's MY life.

These people seriously, just ruined technology for me. I hate it for good couple of years already and having less and less of it.

Comment: Re:Developing Story (Score 4, Insightful) 275

by geekymachoman (#48683669) Attached to: AirAsia Flight Goes Missing Between Indonesia and Singapore

Slashdot - News for nerds, stuff that matters.

So... airplane crashes and other huge international events is not what matters to a nerd ? To a nerd the only thing that matters is C, Linux, ASM and Stephen Hawking ? Talk about narrow mindedness.

Why is there one of you commenting every time airplane crashes ?

Comment: Re:Somebody mod this up (Score -1, Flamebait) 252

Maybe better that government is taking over corporations compared to corporations taking over the government ?

In any case.. "commoners" like you and me have no saying and are not important. Democracy, fascism.. same bullshit different name. Think what you will..

Comment: Re:This explains a lot (Score 1) 511

No wonder there's so much shitty software being thrown out. People are too stoned or drugged up to have any idea of what they're doing and as a result we get crap such as Windows 8 or the near-monthly Facebook "updates".

But hey, drugs are cool and in no way should the deaths of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Peaches Geldoff, Cory Monteith, Heath Ledger, Dee Dee Ramone and a whole slew of other folks who felt being high was so great that they didn't care if they killed themselves in the process.

Unfortunately we'll have to keep hearing about how poor [insert name] died, how they were a good person and blah, blah, blah.

Fuck that. You think drugs are cool and being high is the thing to do, go for it. Just don't expect the rest of us to give a shit when you're found face down in your home.

I don't give a shit when a person that I don't know died (includes celebrities). Nobody does, if they say otherwise.. they're lying.
If a person that I know die, I care no matter what the reason is. If you don't care when somebody you know dies cuz of drug abuse and you don't care only because of that, then you a def somebody I would never want to meet and know in life.

Comment: Re:Times have changed (Score 1) 195

by geekymachoman (#46704569) Attached to: Comcast Takes 2014 Prize For Worst Company In America

Here in BKK where I live, millions upon millions of people are eating street food daily... and for 2 years already, from people I know... I never heard anybody dying or getting sick. What makes street food not healthy is sugar, MSG and other additives (but the amount of it pales in comparison to your big mac).

In fact.. when I compare westerner(usually those big mac eating ones) and locals(street food ones you talking about)... it sickens me. Overweight fake food eating Americans and Europeans walking around it's easier to jump over them then it is to go pass them. Do you think that's healthy ?

What makes McDonalds and other fast food chains and food in general, not healthy is like stated above.. number of additives/chemicals in it.

Basically... you shouldn't trust anything other than 100 % natural and naturally grown product. Why I know ? Because I grew up without electricity in a war torn country. The food that I had available was 100 % organic grown by me, my neighbors and people from villages around my village. When you cut the tomato in half, your whole house smells of it. That is a tomato.. the thing you eating now if you live in any modern city, is not a tomato no matter what you may think. It's devoid of 80 % of what tomato should be. How or why I don't know. Maybe it's GMO, maybe it's been frozen 20 times .. no idea. I just know I haven't seen a tomato looong time and I miss it. As well as cheese, not that sliced shit you buy in 7/11 or wherever .. wrapped in plastic.

For the record I eat fast food like McD too and sometimes I even drink coke.

Comment: Re:Great Interview, However Some Really Bad Advice (Score 1) 124

by geekymachoman (#46692451) Attached to: Interview: John McAfee Answers Your Questions

I was too. I vote for corruption. It's because whoever you give your money too (let's say speeding ticket .. so the money goes to gov) in a third world country (and others) it will end up for the most part being spent on criminal activity of some sort of the politicians in power.
They use it to pay a cartel to assassinate somebody or burn his property, get new cars, buy a land for their sons, etc. Other part goes to IMF and similar criminal organizations.. etc.

Corruption on a "traffic police level" is not a problem. Corruption of politicians (in reality, it's the mass public that allow this.. the rulling politicians are reflection of the people. I'm sorry.) is the problem. If you want to deal with a monster you cut his head off not his tail.

So you see my dear Jamaican friend... foreigners are not a problem. Jamaican people are. Same as Serbian/Bosnian in my case.
Foreigners didn't start that trend and they can't stop it. They can choose to "use it" or "not use it".

But you just carry on and blame it on foreigners and people that choose to use it. Whatever makes you feel better.

Comment: Bomb them. (Score 1) 102

by geekymachoman (#46562329) Attached to: Turkey Heightens Twitter Censorship with Mandated IP Blocking

I can't resist. Sorry. It's a 15 year anniversary for me. So don't mod me to harshly.

Bomb them. I thought you guys(American gov and their European puppet states) go bombing oppressive governments(bringing democracy).. or at LEAST sanction them into economical submission. Make couple of thousands die of hunger, bomb couple of bridges, a hospital.. a school all with depleted uranium.

Oh yeah... silly me.

Comment: Re:The big problem with Linux security. (Score 2) 220

by geekymachoman (#46523257) Attached to: Malware Attack Infected 25,000 Linux/UNIX Servers

Is that why Windows and IIS got hacked all the time while Linux and Apache/PHP very rarely ? Because it had better security ?
There was a project for Linux kernel that gives advanced ACL capabilities to Linux systems. I forgot the name of it now, but basically.. whatever was possible to do, you could do it. You don't seem to understand that Linux kernel is not finite like Windows is.
There are hundreds of projects that you can add and use.. (stable, tested projects).

The problem with security is an admin that thinks blocking port 22 is gonna keep him safe... if he uses Linux, and the other problem with security in general... is using Windows.
The other problem with security is management hiring idiots (above mentioned jolly bunch, block port 22 and all ok) and/or outsourcing administration to cheap indian companies that work for peanuts.

Comment: Re:Hopefully Russians don't give up their freedoms (Score 1) 309

by geekymachoman (#46481723) Attached to: Russia Blocks Internet Sites of Putin Critics

This is NOT intended to be a troll post.. I'm just pointing out the bias, hypocrisy and double standards.

And I'm really trying to not blame American people for what their Gov is doing. Going around conquering, stealing, raping cultures, and pillaging. What Hillary Clinton calls "bringing democracy". I'm not even gonna start on covert psy ops marketing shit cia does to manipulate people in other countries to start hating on their own leaders so that you can install puppet leader who will not do anything good for interests of the people in whatever country, but will do for interest of US Gov.

So if you want to blame Russians... go ahead, you can. But don't feel bad when rest of the world blames you. You deserve it 10x more than any Russian, but we.. the rest of the world are really trying not to do that. Maybe we should stop.. and just openly blame you.

And no.. I'm not Russian and actually... I don't like Russians.

You shouldn't have the right to blame anyone for anything. Not before you clean the mess in your house.

Comment: Re:Atkin's Diet (Score 1) 459

by geekymachoman (#46404433) Attached to: Low-Protein Diet May Extend Lifespan

> militant vegetarians (which always struck me as an oxymoron, but never mind...)

You're aware that Hitler, Pol Pot, Charles Manson to name a few were/are vegetarians ?

Offopic I know, but you sound like u'r saying vegetarians are "better" than non-vegetarians.. Hitler and the others probably thought the same thing. My friends, all meat eaters are all wonderful people. Please stop spreading BS how eating meat makes you militant/violent more than if you eat weed.

I personally am allergic to vegetarians and they are the only bunch actually that I have desire to hurt. Not because they eat weed but because they behave like assholes. Every time somebody mentions vegetarianism they start saying things that in between the lines that mean how they more evolved and BS like that.. and the truth is, they just expressing their belief system.

It's like listening to those f-ing people that walk around and are trying to convert you to their religion. Keep your beliefs for yourself please.

Vile weed !

It is not best to swap horses while crossing the river. -- Abraham Lincoln