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Comment Re: "line up in sacramento first" (Score 4, Interesting) 224

You nailed it. Been here for over 40 years and have owned several businesses. Each year the state comes up with new taxes and restrictions that seem aimed at killing new businesses. Hell, even Hollywood doesnt do business here anymore. Some irony in that at least. If anyone wants to know why its so jacked up here just watch the video feed of the morons in Sacramento while they are in session and just passing laws with zero input or discussion. Their standard nice is to pass a law that won't hold up in court just so they can say they did something. And of course the legal challenges cost the taxpayers millions if anyone has the money to challenge them. Boutique legislation at its finest.

Comment Re:Try a modern game (Score 1) 160

I don't do much gaming these days, just not enough time, but I have always enjoyed the Borderlands series and my rig with a 6850 and the OSS drivers runs the latest Borderlands at 1080P with high quality options enabled just fine. It actually runs much nicer with the OSS drivers than the proprietary version with my dual head setup. The AMD driver only runs full screen games well if the secondary display is disabled and even then it has a habit of sucking.

Comment Re: We called out these failures years ago. (Score 1) 114

Yep..I pretty much use it as a dumb terminal but I am not sending anything to Google as I only boot to Linux when I use it, it only boots to Chrome when I let my wife of someone else use it. It might not be ideal for everyone but it does the trick for my needs and keeps me from having to tote my expensive MacBook around in crappy areas of LA. For the money they are great devices, and I totally get that they are not for everyone, but for the money they can be great tools.

Comment Re: We called out these failures years ago. (Score 1) 114

Yea, for sure, normal people wont setup a Chromebook to dual boot. I only keep ChromeOS on it for others to use but everyone that I have let use it has found it to work great. Several of them have ditched their larger and heavier laptops to go with a c720 and they are all quite happy with them as all they really need is good battery life and access to a browser and email.

If I remember correctly the 64GB SSD was only about $25-$30 so the total cost of the setup was right around $200. It runs Ubuntu 14.04 very well as long as you don't need to run anything that requires over 2GB of RAM. I get 6 to 7 hours of runtime on it and since I mostly need it to access web interfaces or run SSH sessions (or serial via minicom) it fits my needs very well. Its probably not an ideal setup for everyone but for average folks ChromeOS gives them what they need and if you need a bit more loading your Linux distro of choice is quite easy as long as you put a larger SSD in.

As with everything in life you need the right tool for the right job and I find this cheap tool to be a really handy one to have in my arsenal. If I need to do some heavy lifting I will take a fully loaded MacBook Pro with me but most of the time I just don't need it so it stays in my trunk. For really serious work I have a small 1U (not very deep) with two quad core Xeon's and 16GB of RAM that I will just toss on the LAN and use the c720 to SSH to way better than using the MacBook and only weights slightly more ;)

Comment Re: We called out these failures years ago. (Score 1) 114

My clients care that I get the job done not what I use to do it. I have several powerful laptops but mostly what I need is a device to run SSH sessions (and some serial sessions) so a Chromebook running Ubuntu works just dandy. If I need more I will obviously use the right tool for the job but a $175 c720 lets me do 95% of what I need and I dont worry about theft of any damage it might take since its so cheap. Now excuse me while my dumb ass walks a block to the beach from my home that I paid for by doing dumb stuff....

Comment Re: We called out these failures years ago. (Score 2, Informative) 114

Anyone that hates the Chromebook has probably not watched "regular people" use one. I picked up a c720 new for $175, put a larger SSD in it to dual boot Linux and Chrome OS and its been worth every dime. Everyone that has used Chrome has loved it as they just want a browser and email and I have found it to run Linux very well with the right config. I have been a UNIX sysadmin fo over 20 years and the fact that I can use a sub $200 device to do most of what I need when visiting a client blows my mind. I remember when people dreamed of being able to buy anything that you coukd run X windows on let alone a cheap laptop with 7 hour battery life. Kids these get off my lawn.

Comment Re:Overwhelmingly Democrat in California (Score 1) 510

Sounds about right. Some areas of CA are certainly Republican leaning (Orange County to San Diego) but in general everything north of OC is more and more liberal as you move up the state. A few rural areas aside. Why Feinstein's supporters have not run her out of town years ago is beyond me. She and the people that vote for her make a strong argument to dividing CA into two new states...just too much voting power in Nor Cal so it might as well just be their state.

Comment Re:Yea..but users don't make policy. (Score 1) 417

As I said, if someone needs something different to get their job done in a better fashion and it meets our requirements its not a problem, but our users are not in a position to set policy and as part owner of the company if they don't want to play by the rules set by the people that sign their paychecks they are free to leave. We are not unreasonable about requests like this but when we say 'no' we mean it and going against our wishes is grounds for termination. We need to run a very tight ship due to the nature of our business and one rogue employee could easily cost us millions in fines and lost contracts. We are simply as restrictive as is more, no less.

Comment Re:On the money, whether BOFHs admit it or not (Score 1) 417

"User figures out a better way to do something"

Better for the user or for the company that issues their paycheck? If a user has a better method or device/software to get a job done its zero problem to allow it but quite often users don't see the big picture and that is understandable. They don't know the regulations we are legally required to operate under (at least in my industry) and don't always understand that while their method might make their job easier it also has consequences that they cant anticipate. Very often users know enough about technology to be dangerous and don't understand that being 'tech savvy' is not even close to being an expert. When I go to see the Dr I have ideas and questions about treatment but when he talks I listen...he is the expert and knows that he is talking about. IT should be the same. Of course, some IT folk are just a-holes and frankly should not hold the position, but assuming your IT staff is competent they should have full veto power over users ideas..but ealing with incompetent IT employees is a different conversation.

Comment Yea..but users don't make policy. (Score 5, Insightful) 417

I certainly understand that users want to use what is easy for them but they need to understand that they don't set policy. I listen to any reasonable requests and if they fit within our policy (or if it makes sense to change the policy to allow it) I will authorize their request. However, understand that I have been working in IT for over 20 years and know a thing or two that you probably don't. Its not a power trip, its my job, it is what they pay me to do. Employees need to understand that its not personal. If their request was denied I had a very good reason to do so. Get over it, move along.

Comment I am an old fart and I like Unity. (Score 1) 455

I have been running Linux as my primary OS since the early Yggdrasil days and have been along for the UI ride ever since. Switching to Unity was something I had to force myself to do. I was full of rage for the first week and annoyed on the second week but once I adapted to doing things a new way I now really like it. The version of Unity included with 11.10 is much more polished and works very well on my multi-headed setup and the 2D version runs very well on systems that don't play nice with 3D accelerated version.

Another interesting thing: All of my users that have had the option to use Unity have loved it. I thought they would freak out but every single one has been very pleased. That is a pretty huge point.

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