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Comment Re:God I hate to say this, but (Score 1) 562

The look and feel is clearly retro but that is not necessarily a bad thing.
I also though that in episodes 1-3 the costumes, the starship and everything else was too 'clean'.
I prefer the 'dirty' look of the old episodes.

However, I would also agree that there are too many references to episodes 4-6.

The first ones are funny, then there is soon a strong feeling of déjà-vu and eventually this becomes annoying because they are not even subtle.

- Ho no! His lightsaber felt in the snow! how is he going to get it back? ....
- We need to hide in the Millennium Falcon. Let's try under the floor.
- What is that? It's too big to be a ship!
- Let's organize a meeting with Boy and Dad on a suspended platform!
- ...

Even the bad guy is just a pale copy of Darth Vader. Ok ... that is probably intentional but he cannot even control himself. Seriously?

Comment Re:For bonus points... (Score 1) 74

Hardly! 25^26 = 2.2e+36 is only a bit smaller than 26^26 = 6.1e+36

If all characters were different then the number of possibilities would still be in the range of 26! ~= 4e26
This is quite smaller but still too large to fit on a floppy or on a modern HD (or even on the whole internet)

A program running on a 10Ghz CPU that would enumerate one solution per cycle would need 1.26 billion years to complete.

So there was probably more restrictions.

Comment Re:Why did the system store passwords? (Score 1) 74

And the fact that the leak contains so many 3 character passwords is probably a sign that this is exactly what happened.
The hackers probably got access to a database containing salted passwords.
The leak is just the output of a password cracker applied to that database.

What I find more problematic is that people where authorized to use a password with only 3 characters.

Any system I worked on during the last 20 years would never allow that.

Comment Re:remember Plato and Thales (Score 1) 75

It is tempting to think that the flooded area contain traces of ancient advanced civilisations but more realistically, they are probably not very different from those found on solid ground. After all, the flooded areas only represent a few percent of the whole area occupied by humans at that time. Even assuming that the coastal regions were the more densely populated, it is difficult to imagine that an ancient advanced civilisation would not also have occupied some areas that are now inland.

Comment Re:Secrets die with the creator (Score 1) 75

Future historian may not be able to read our electronic forms of storage but they will have plenty of artefacts to study. A middle size landfill site from the 20th century is likely to produce more objects than 4000 years of ancient Egypt history.

The fact that they won't be able to visualize your porn collection won't matter much for them.


Comment Re:A Few Years Ago.... (Score 2) 352

I have a few moderation points to use but I cannot figure out if I should classified your post as Troll, Insightful or Funny.

The thing that pisses me off with gimp is not the UI or saving by default to XCF. I am interested by raw image processing and I would be very happy to use and to contribute to the new 16bit depth features. Unfortunately, the GIMP devs are actively doing everything they can to prevent peoples from trying the current development version. No major release for more than 3 years and no available development release for testing? Be serious guys! This is insane.


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