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Comment: Re:Your maths is off... (Score 1) 115

by geantvert (#49697253) Attached to: Baidu's Supercomputer Beats Google At Image Recognition

Being even more pedant I will point out that the improvement is a lore more. What is important here is the error rate.

Simply speaking, they went from 4.82 to 4.58 so the improvement is (4.82-4.58)/4.82 = 0.0497 ~= 5%

Another way to see that is that Google made 48200 errors on the full set of 1 Million images while Baidus made only 45800 errors.


Comment: Re: To answer your question (Score 4, Insightful) 279

by geantvert (#49117633) Attached to: Intel Moving Forward With 10nm, Will Switch Away From Silicon For 7nm

You wll never be happy because laptops will never be as powerful as desktops. Simply speaking, if you manage to create a laptop as powerful as a desktop then you can also create a more powerful desktop. That is not a matter of computing power but of temperature. Desktop are by definition bigger than laptops so they can dissipate more heat.

Comment: Useful gain (Score 2) 480

by geantvert (#49036921) Attached to: The Mathematical Case For Buying a Powerball Ticket

3, 33 or 333 millions. Would that make any difference? I don't think so.
It you want to calculate the expected gain then you should only consider the useful gain.
For me, 1 or 2 millions would be enough for the rest of my life so if I had to choose a lottery, I would pick one that maximize the probability to gain that amount. Any lottery with a smaller maximal gain (e.g. a few millions) but a higher probability is a better choice.

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