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Comment: Re:Why not strncpy or strlcpy (Score 1) 209

by geantvert (#48918685) Attached to: Serious Network Function Vulnerability Found In Glibc

Actually, the most logical choice would have been to used mempcy because they already called strlen(name) earlier.
Basically, they are doing the following:
  - compute the size required to store 2 pointers (THAT SHOULD BE 3) followed by strlen(name)+1 characters
  - check that the buffer is large enough and reallocate it if needed
  - store 3 pointers followed by name in the buffer.

In that case, the obvious value for the additionnal size argument passed to memcpy, strlcpy or strncpy is strlen(name)+1 which would not prevent the overflow.

Comment: Re:Do you really buy your own BS? (Score 1) 360

by geantvert (#48835435) Attached to: NASA, NOAA: 2014 Was the Warmest Year In the Modern Record

> > Since 1880, Earth’s average surface temperature has warmed by about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degrees Celsius)
> In over 100 years the average has warmed 8/10's of a single degree.

This is actually a bit more than that because the chosen +0C is the average temperature during the 20th century that was reached around 1950, only 60-70 years ago:


On that graph we are now at +0.8C but in 1910-20 we were around -0.4C so the last 100 year increase is more like 1.2C.

If the +0C was the average of the first measured century (1880-1980), it would be -0.2C or -0.3C.

Comment: Re:Someone teach me something here... (Score 2) 360

by geantvert (#48833831) Attached to: NASA, NOAA: 2014 Was the Warmest Year In the Modern Record

The answer is simple: there was no large scale measures before 1880
Any global temperature before that date would not come from real measures but from a reconstruction using indirect data.
There are plenty of scientific papers listed here

Comment: Re:No such thing in real gambling (Score 1) 340

by geantvert (#48773743) Attached to: Researchers "Solve" Texas Hold'Em, Create Perfect Robotic Player

I do not think that you realize how big is 3x10^48.
Let's imagine that a magic technology would allow you to store one permutation per atom of hydrogen.
One mole of hydrogen is 6x10^23 atoms or 12g.
So 3*10^48 atoms of hydrogen is 12*(3*10^48)/(6*10^23) = 6*10^25 g = 6*10^22 kg
That's is almost the mass of the moon (7.34*10^22 kg)

Comment: Re:If you don't want to upgrade your box (Score 1) 100

Ramdisks are a not a stupid idea. They are just not useful in most cases.

Putting temporary files (e.g. /tmp) in a ram disk can be beneficial but only if you have significantly more ram than needed. That can significantly speed up tasks that are known to create lots of temporary files (e.g. compilation). This is also very interesting to prevent your (old) ssd or flash disk to wear-off too quickly.

On Linux, it is not uncommon for /run to be a ram disk (of type tmpfs). This is where most services will put small temporary and special files that need be accessed very quickly.

Comment: Re:Starts to get reasonable (Score 3, Informative) 100

No! I would say: FORTUNATELY I don't think that's going to happen.

2000MB/s is still one or two orders of magnitude slower than DDR3/4 (between 20000 and 60000MB/s) so I clearly don't want direct mapping.
Let the OS cache the SSD sectors in RAM pages and everything will be fine (and from the user point of view, that won't change anything)

Comment: Re:I downloaded the entire MAME library from them (Score 1) 198

by geantvert (#48755809) Attached to: Archive.org Adds Close To 2,400 DOS Games

MAME is a nice application but the problem is that most games were not designed for fun but to make you lose as fast as possible. Simply speaking, a cabinet game will be a lot harder than the same game for console or PC. When I was young, playing cabinet games was fun partly because I did not have a lot of money. In MAME, I can just play a few minutes, die, insert a "free" coin and continue the game to die even faster ... Boring!

MAME is still interesting for people trying to beat their high-score but not for casual gaming.

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