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Comment: NBC deserves it. (Score 5, Insightful) 373

by gblues (#40843169) Attached to: US Viewers Using Proxies To Watch BBC Olympic Coverage

In my opinion, NBC hasn't gotten nearly enough shit over their treatment of the opening ceremony. Constant chattering, inane commentary, and the absolutely insulting audacity to cut to commercial during the 7/7 London Bombing memorial.

The coverage of the games themselves hasn't been too great, either. I'm not going to bitch about a tape delay because that's just a fact of life when the games are 7 hours ahead of local time. But when results are spoiled by fucking promotional commercials just minutes ahead of the event in question, that's just incompetence.

So, screw NBC. I hope someday the BBC allows foreigners to pay for access to its content without having to do VPN hacks. I know I'd subscribe in a heartbeat (hello, Doctor Who Series 7).

Comment: Re:It's not about content - emails from Apple (Score 2) 332

Indeed, sounds like a classic mistake of "uploading the wrong version," i.e. her updated book is in location A and she is uploading an out-of-date copy in location B. The copy in location A may very well be free of direct links to, but if that's not the copy she's uploading, she's going to run into the same problem.

Next question: do you want to be taking publishing advice from someone who can't successfully upload the right copy of her eBook?

Comment: Hey Milton Bradley, here's your new cash cow! (Score 1) 138

Alright M-B,

Sue Zynga over "Words with Friends" again, but this time instead of claiming that they're copying your game, just claim copyright on the letters 'A', 'B', 'C', etc. Want to make a clone? Use Chinese characters or the Greek alphabet or something. No English letters for you!

Comment: Re:It's inevitable (Score 1) 990

by gblues (#37835216) Attached to: The Real Job Threat

Machines don't get sick, they don't take holidays, and they don't complain. Most important to business is the fact that they're cheaper.

Machines don't get sick? Tell that to the infrastructure in Iran taken down by stuxnet, or to the thousands of cars with critical system failures due to normal wear-and-tear (blown head gaskets, leaky hoses, etc). The danger of automation is that machines can make large, expensive mistakes very quickly, so you risk getting eaten alive by both maintenance costs and "oops" factors.

Comment: Online Pass is the biggest scam of current gen (Score 1) 271

by gblues (#37614098) Attached to: Sony Bringing PSN Pass To All First-Party Games

Online Pass/Sony Pass is nothing more than a money grab.

EA and Sony want you to believe that a used copy of the game incurs them additional costs in addition to whatever costs were generated by the first buyer. Is this true?

Suppose N is the set of copies of any given game that have been sold to customers. When a copy is traded in to GameStop, the cardinality of N drops by 1 by definition. When that used copy is sold again, the cardinality of N increases by 1, again by definition. A game cannot be classified as "used" if it has not previously been in N. Therefore, a used sale does not change the cardinality of N, and so the costs incurred by EA or Sony do not change. It costs them the same to support |N| copies of the game, regardless of who owns those copies.

Supporting Online Pass or Sony Pass is supporting nothing more than corporate greed.

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