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Comment: Re:Human nature? (Score 1) 239

by gblfxt (#45476583) Attached to: Software Patent Reform Stalls Thanks To IBM and Microsoft Lobbying

It's probably because most large corporations are run by sociopaths. Sociopaths, because they have no empathy or conscience, are more easily able to rise to the top of power structures (if they're smart; the stupid ones become criminals and go to prison), so most of our political and corporate leaders are sociopaths. And since they have no conscience, they don't give a shit about anyone else except maybe immediate family, and happily use their power to try to fuck over everyone else for their own gain.

they would not be able to get into power without the help of their underlings, who's more of a sociopath, the in-power sociopath or those who follow and support the sociopath?

Comment: Re:Look at who they appoint to the SCOTUS. (Score -1, Flamebait) 1576

by gblfxt (#41904777) Attached to: Barack Obama Retains US Presidency

i really wish you piece of shit euros or africans would move the fuck back to you county of origin and express your idiot ideas back there, but it seems you are fairly cozy here, maybe you can realize you are guests here and not dominators, not likely, since your ignorant fucks, but it may not be bad to smarten up a bit and treat each other well....

Comment: Re:Not a chance in Hell ... (Score 1) 204

by gblfxt (#41850599) Attached to: Department of Homeland Security Wants Nerds For a New "Cyber Reserve'"

The DHS is the worst idea to come out of Washington and that's a town that's pretty much only ever generated bad ideas. I'd rather be waterboarded than lift a finger to suport that particular government agency.

may change your mind after ciber-terrorists wipe out your family, then you will turn into cyber-batman or whatnot.

Comment: ms has a tendancy to ditch technologies (Score 1) 1027

by gblfxt (#40329261) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's Your Beef With Windows Phone?

from experience, ms has tended to ditch technologies. usually no upgrade or migration path and usually without warning or option to transfer to open source support, since its all propitiatory. i know most tech is forgotten and thrown out after 2 years, but Microsoft brings their own salted earth philosophy to their discarded tech.

When you don't know what to do, walk fast and look worried.