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Comment: I thought of this years ago... (Score 1) 254

by gavinpquinn (#21839006) Attached to: Apple Patents 'Buy Stuff Wirelessly, Skip Lines' Tech
I actually tried to patent this years ago. I thought that with bluetooth and cell phones, coffee shops could display their menu on your cell phone and you could order from there. I thought you could even bill through it securely. I hired a patent attorney and realized it was patented about 4 years before me...

+ - Google Buying Geotagging site Panoramio->

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gavinpquinn writes: "Google is at it again, purchasing Panoramio, a geo-tagging service for photographs. They have had a partnership with Google Earth for the past year and have seen tremendous growth since then. Google has finally agreed to purchase Panoramio for an undisclosed amount. How will this affect competition —, and ? Google announced recently they were looking to do more M & A in the Geotagging area looking for high quality teams of people."
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