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Comment: What's becoming of this site? (Score 4, Informative) 74

by gaspyy (#47018327) Attached to: Adobe Creative Cloud Is Back

While I agree in principle that "cloud"-based services are overrated for reasons we are all aware, the issue with Creative Cloud was a minor one.
I use Adobe software every day and I noticed the error just because I tried make a change in the subscription plan.

The apps run locally and the license is checked every 90 days. Yes, some people could not activate their licenses or they couldn't download an application. This is a DRM issue, like Microsoft's or EA licensing servers being down. This could have happened regardless of Creative Cloud.

The only cloud services are their Typekit and Edgefont font distribution and Behance portfolios.

So let's make this clear: Creative Cloud is a fancy way of saying "rented software". Compared to the traditional model, it may cost more or less, depending on the upgrading habits (personally I used to always upgrade and use the newest version, other users upgrade to every other version)

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by gaspyy (#46869137) Attached to: 50 Years of BASIC, the Language That Made Computers Personal

I haven't coded in Pascal since the good old DOS days, when I was about 17, but at the time was writing TSR apps, picture viewers (GIF, PCX, BMP, TIF), some graphic-mode UI, including mouse support, even some VGA graphic demos. I can't think of anything that I couldn't do in Pascal (and some ASM, I give you that). In fact, it's the reason I never got too heavily into C...

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by gaspyy (#46122283) Attached to: The Schizophrenic State of Software In 2014

SWF was amazing for its time. Streaming vector animation with synced sound over modem speeds. Even today you need a hodge-podge of technologies - SVG, Javascript and a bunch of libraries to achieve what you could do 17 years ago! And I'm not even sure you can stream a svg animation+sound.

SWF has 2 shortcomings:
- it's proprietary
- it doesn't integrate seamlessly with its environment (browser).

For standalone apps, these are not big issues.

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by gaspyy (#46121029) Attached to: The Schizophrenic State of Software In 2014

I fail to see how AIR is a problem worse than Phonegap or what Chrome is offering right now as a wrapper over html5.

Making a cross-platform game is world of pain, especially when you're small.

I was able to make my chess game available on web, as a chrome app, as a native app for PC, Mac and Linux and for mobile on iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones, even the now-dying Blackberry Playbook. The game is quite complex but 99% of the code is cross-platform, there are very few platform-specific lines.

I've been considering porting it to HTML5 but the amount of work needed is too much for one man. The AI is straighforward (Javascript and AS3 are closely related), but porting the UI, the multiplayer code and then tweaking it to make sure it works with all major browsers is not something I'm looking forward to. With AIR I can keep my sanity and concentrate on features.

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by gaspyy (#45829773) Attached to: 4 Tips For Your New Laptop

First, syncing to cloud is not backup. Second, being at the mercy of a provider doesn't strike me as a good idea in long-term.

Better invest in a NAS. A 2-bay Synology would suffice. 2 4TB drives in Mirrored Raid work great. WD has the "red" line of drives specifically made and tested for NAS storage. They are not as fast but run cool, silent, no vibrations.

Most NAS units run on linux so you can easily add syncing, versioning, "personal cloud", maybe use to play movies on smart TVs via DLNA and so on.

Finally, from time to time do proper backups. For home use, proper backup means burning data on DVD/BD - on 2 separate discs.

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by gaspyy (#45778111) Attached to: Scientists Predict Earthquake's Location and Strength

This is beyond useless.

I live in a country with significant seismic activity.
We know for hundreds of years that every 30 to 50 years a big (7.6 - 7.8) earthquake will happen. We even know where the epicenter will be. We know how it will propagate.

It's been 36 years since the last one so many people who live in problem areas are beginning to get nervous. But we don't know when it will happen. Could be tomorrow or ten years from now.

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Anecdotically, I have two kids, a 9 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. Since the boy is older, I was expecting the girl to copy everything he does. She does, to a point - plays with his Legos and so on. But she also loves to play with anything remotely resembling a doll. She cooks for the doll, feeds it, argues with it. It's definitely not something learned or encouraged. Also, she wants to look pretty, has her own choice of clothing, again something her older brother simply doesn't care about. She's also not copying my wife, she's completely independent and different in these areas.

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by gaspyy (#45266319) Attached to: Why Is Broadband More Expensive In the US Than Elsewhere?

Exactly. Don't know about other countries, but Romania has a population density of about 90 people / sq. km. If we take only the major cities, we won't exceed 500 people / sq. km. Total land area is 240,000 sq. km.

We have 100 Mbps internet via fiber optics pretty much everywhere except remote areas. For remote areas, 3G is everywhere (over 99% coverage) and H+ and 4G is available in many rural areas.

I pay $10/month for 100 Mbps (tested). Fiber end to end. No caps, no traffic shaping.

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by gaspyy (#44518893) Attached to: Malaria Vaccine Nearing Reality

Well, Bill Gates was showing a special container that doesn't require electricity and can keep medicine refrigerated for up to 50 days at high outside temperatures.
The whole point of a malaria vaccine is to make it affordable for poor nations. The demand for a malaria vaccine in rich countries is pretty low.

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