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garymortimer's Journal: Is it just me?

Journal by garymortimer

I'm finding this thing pretty hard to navigate, I guess I am not nerdy enough! Is that a good or a bad thing?? Why write here at all?? Well earlier this week a chum suggested I drop something I had blogged at http://www.suasnews.com onto Slashdot and my web hits went through the roof.

I have not been a slashdot regular in fact I have not really used it. This is all a new adventure in working out yet another system.

So I shall keep posting on my pet subject, which is unmanned aerial vehicles, or as we I should call them systems (UAS). Flying robots must suffer from identity issues as their acronyms refuse to settle down. Here in the UK, RPAS is beginning to find favour, remotely piloted air systems. But as I hit return on this I fully expect another abbreviation to have come along.

A little about me.

I am a forty something hot air balloon pilot that has been flying manned things since he was 16 and now is getting into unmanned stuff.


Ah I just thought I would update this and it seems that it does not create a new entry, instead it appends to this. Somehow I'm not going to like this. Perhaps I am wrong.

Next stop is to see who to ask about adding a UAV icon, perhaps a flying robot, they need one

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Is it just me?

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