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Comment Re:I ran it (Score 2) 54

I ran it too and what the app told me wasn't immediately useful. When I checked on Google Play, others had said the same. So I installed Lookout Security's Stagefright detector and it not only told me my devices were vulnerable, it also linked to helpful instructions to change my settings and avoid the problem.

You can install it from here:

Lookout's blog page has details about the app and how to make sure your messaging apps are safe from the exploit:

If you use a third-party messaging app you will have to follow the general instructions given on the blog page to find the settings specific to your particular app. I should point out that Textra has already fixed the problem from their end. Here's what the app showed me:

I don't know if it's possible for someone to remotely install the Stagelight vulnerability on your device and then use the device to send exploited messages to everyone on your Contacts list, but if I thought of that then you can bet someone else will.

Comment How many do you need?! (Score 1) 100

"None of the ~50 employees were able to identify reporter John Markoff, and only about 10 were able to identify video journalist Catherine Spangler."

So, a crime has been committed, there are ~50 witnesses, of which 'only about 10' are able to identify one person. Statistically significant? What would the police and the courts think?

Oh, and what exactly is 'about 10' people? Somewhere north of 9.75?

Comment And they'll be running Android Lollipop (Score 0) 201

According to what I read at BBC News, engineering chief, Hiroshi Lockheimer said, "We've made a concerted effort around focusing on the enterprise-use case. If you think about it most people only carry one device. The one device that they carry [should] work for various scenarios in their life -obviously for personal use, but also if they want to use it for corporate purposes." That must be why they named it Lollipop...

Comment It's right in front of me (Score 0) 199

"Do you know any complex software that succeeded in avoiding documentation by having significantly improved usability?"

Yes. Android.

"As a customer, how would you feel with a very simple product (much simpler than the competition but still a bit complex) that has no documentation?"

Fine, as long as it hand-holds the user right at the beginning with some simple (possibly animated) guides.

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