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Comment: Probably (Score 1, Insightful) 148

by garethw (#36743334) Attached to: Did Google Knowingly Violate Java Patents?
Who cares? How does Google's leveraging off Java deprive Sun revenue from its R&D? You know, like what patents are intended for? Fucking lawyers. Unable to create any real value themselves, they resort to contriving some for themselves by destroying it for many others. Utterly, utterly ignoble profession.

Comment: Re:Why oh why are people so clueless? (Score 1) 422

by garethw (#31294598) Attached to: What Has Your Phone Survived?
Uhh, we're all in awe of your vast knowledge and tremble at the merest thought of your wondrous awesomeness, but (presumably) you didn't have power applied to the boards you were soldering. Bridging a few pins to power or ground rails with some not-entirely pure water can and does damage ASICs. Why are you being so smug about it, anyway?

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