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Comment: Re: Good (Score 1) 466

by garaged (#43673205) Attached to: Ubuntu Developing Its Own Package Format, Installer

Tendency? I have yet to see something like that.

i have found a few dependency problems using unstable, like 1 every 1-2 years, and most of the time it could be avoided by investing some 10 seconds reading what would be installed/removed with the current try, but a circular dependency, Im pretty sure apt has enough validations to avoid that automagically

Comment: Re: just an observation... (Score 1) 267

by garaged (#43572863) Attached to: The Text-Your-Parents-Your-Drug-Deal Experiment

I had a childhood surrounded by quite a few addicts, everything from alcohol to coke , crack and heroin...

It is not funny, and even the less harmfull weed destroys a lot, nobody can tell me it is fun to do drugs, I had to pay a lot just by being witness of the shit a lot of family members did to themselves, drugs are not fun, at all.

Comment: Re: This is a good idea. (Score 1) 267

by garaged (#43572763) Attached to: The Text-Your-Parents-Your-Drug-Deal Experiment

Im usually worried enough by the freakyn stuff we have to see in these days, worrign a little more about my kids doing drugs or even selling them will not help me in any way.

I prank my girls with pretty obvious things, like "let me think if we can go to movie theatre, I will tell you tomorrow", and they smile right away, not after I need to explain them that I was joking.

If the joke need any explaining it is not a good joke, period.

Comment: Re:Don't forget the free and open source people to (Score 1, Insightful) 303

by garaged (#43300701) Attached to: Geeks On a Plane Proposed To Solve Global Tech Skills Crisis

Just remember how much money Gates spent on a self declared failed education project....

They might be damn good at making money, but they are not as good or dont even care wellbeing for the majority... After all they are represent the best of what is making the world be as it is, socially speaking.

Comment: Re:And they (the workers) demand lower wages... (Score 1) 617

by garaged (#42952351) Attached to: Large Corporations Displacing Aging IT Workers With H-1B Visa Workers

At least with a lot of immigrants from .mx, they may have been living worst that the 8-10 rented house, but they would not work around here! No wonder the could not achieve enough food, but for some reason migrating changes their mind and sudenly they can work, and hard... That is kind of weird for most of those who wouldn't go to USA easily.

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