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Comment: Re:Disposable Employees also in turn create.... (Score 2) 271 271

No, but increasingly, part of the vetting process for being hired is a credit report, and a shaky credit score is about 4 demerits in the balance. I know because I have had HR drones nix good candidates for positions I had open due to a 500ish credit score.

Comment: Re:Baby meet bathwater (Score 2, Insightful) 289 289

This is Arizona you are talking about. The whiny religitards, and their republican puppets get their way, be damned.So glad I was able to move away. Even gladder that I didn't have kids in their schools.

The real sad thing is that the schools in SE Phoenix are a lot better funded and better than the public schools back here in my hometown of San Jose (I moved back about four months ago. My colleagues with kids are appalled at the fact that they have to pay extra money for sports and music programs to participate. All paid for in Chandler schools near Phoenix. Crazy)

Comment: I'm sure it will suck (Score 3, Insightful) 242 242

Since the book(s) have all the action in the background, and the big reveal in the post crisis recap, I am sure the movie will suck. The temptation to turn it into a special effects Michael Bay-like cinema enema will ruin the complex story line. But the CGI teams will win a shit-tonne of awards.

Comment: Re:See Bayh-Dole Act (Score 2) 348 348

I am assuming you never licensed a patent from a university. I can assure you that they have become quite adept at extracting money from the licensing of some pretty pathetic patents.

I recently inherited the handling of our licensed technology portfolio, and I can assure you that we pay a pretty penny for some almost trivial, but essential patents.

The downside is that universities are beginning to use this calculus in their decisions to bring on key researchers, and to focus their efforts on "profitable" ventures, leaving a lot of really important, and interesting basic research to lie fallow, because there's no obvious pay out from it. Things that used to be the bread and butter of academia research.

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