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Comment: Re:Holy crap! (Score 1) 88

by gajop (#47210745) Attached to: Docker 1.0 Released

Contains also offer security.
I've used it to run tests safely on student submitted code (server:, docker images: and
It's done automatically for practice tests (for when students would submit their solutions online), so I don't even look at the source.
I know it's not guaranteed to offer 100% security as they could potentially break out of the container, but it takes care of most attempts or just mistakes (like accidental on the disk writing where they shouldn't).

And as far as their benefit over LXC, well it's really easy to setup: and use:

Comment: Re:I DON'T CARE! (Score 1) 245

It's like that because often in the case of a car crash, you were one of the drivers involved, and as such it's quite likely that you could have prevented the accident, where in airplanes it's completely out of you control. Also in airplanes, most "crashes" are fatal, so it's important to rule out the possibility of any happening due to mechanical/eletrical/software errors at least.

Btw, that out-of-control feeling is what makes so many people nervous on planes and I bet something similar will be present when we start using self-driving cars.

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by gajop (#46941729) Attached to: Google Announces "Classroom"

Canvas is pretty decent. We just started using it on a small scale at our uni, and while it has a few quirks here (e.g. doesn't work well on mobile devices) and there it's pretty good.

What I feel we lack is a decent online, open source, self-hosting document management system like Google Docs is. I admin there are some alternatives, and I haven't tried them, but I've heard they aren't as mature yet.

PS: Canvas actually uses Google Docs to preview certain files.

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by gajop (#46407555) Attached to: PC Game Prices — Valve Starts the Race To Zero

Those are indeed games with a good free2play model (you can only buy cosmetic items with no gameplay benefits), but they also aren't really the best example of how money can be made with f2p. The games you mentioned are made by Valve, and are also used as a way to popularize Steam itself. I know a couple of (hardcore) games who signed up for steam just to get Dota2, and that's a demographic you really want to attract.

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by gajop (#46286791) Attached to: E-Sports Gender Gap: 90+% Male

Well at first I thought it would be discrimination to say that certain "casual" games aren't games, but then I realized that technically my mother plays video games for 10+ years now (solitaire type games), and I would never have considered her a gamer - so those figures are really meaningless.
I really doubt there are 50% female gamers in most games being played as e-sports, even 10% seems optimistic.

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