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Comment: Re:Can they attract developers? (Score 2) 241

by gabebear (#48855463) Attached to: Could Tizen Be the Next Android?
As a mobile developer I'm drawn to Tizen because it doesn't have the cruft that Android does and is possibly even more open. I want a Tizen phone to play with. The SDK and tools look mature and the simulator works well. I like that you don't have a .Net/Java virtual machine in your way.

Despite Android having a much improved java engine, it's still lacking in a lot of ways:
  • - no Java8 Lambda goodness on Android(and likely never will be)
  • - Dalvik still has garbage collection slowdowns at inexplicable times...
  • - To use native code you're running many things through the JNI, which is not elegant

Comment: Re:Good try, but a bit dissapointed... (Score 2) 94

Blade Runner is a Frankensteinian tale about creation revolting against its creator, questioning the meaning of death, whereas Do Androids ... is about empathy as an essential human quality in a world where everything is artificial. Much of the novel is about Deckard's desire to buy a pet, required for spiritual fulfilment according to the religion of Mercerism. Death is as unimportant to the book as Mercerism is to the film.


FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate 556

Posted by samzenpus
from the looking-into-it dept.
v3rgEz writes In a terse form letter responding to a FOIA request, the FBI has confirmed it has an open investigation into Gamergate, the loose but controversial coalition of gamers calling for ethics in gaming journalism — even as some members have harassed and sent death threats to female gaming developers and critics.

Comment: Re:Go back in time 5 years (Score 1) 581

by MrHanky (#48421957) Attached to: Debian Votes Against Mandating Non-systemd Compatibility

The things I've seen about 'design flaws' have usually been about it being counter to the unix tradition of small programs doing one thing and one thing well, which only ever was true for small cli programs used to manipulate strings of text. It's not so much a proper neckbeard criticism, just some regurgitated nonsense that people will repeat because they've seen it modded to +5, insightful, and repetition is after all the surest way to seem insightful.

Broken shit is to be expected from software. Hopefully most of it gets fixed sooner now that so many have to use it.

Programmers used to batch environments may find it hard to live without giant listings; we would find it hard to use them. -- D.M. Ritchie