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Comment "The Fundamentals" (Score 1) 336

I think categorizing this by language is too broad. It needs to be per-platform. (e.g. writing servlets for 10 years doesn't qualify you to write Android code).

To be hired to develop on a platform you should know the fundamentals, which mainly means intimately knowing the major patterns for the platform (e.g. delegation, factory, prototype, facade, etc).

Comment Classroom vs self-guided (Score 4, Informative) 47

I've taught through TEALS (iOS programmer by day).

The TEALS program is for high-school. The demographic is primarily Juniors and Seniors, but some Freshmen and Sophomores. Computer Science doesn't count toward the core science requirements in most states(I've taught in Kentucky and New York and neither does). As an elective class you generally get kids signing up who are either really interested or who's parents/guidance-councilor push them, either way they are generally pretty engaged. Ideally, the kids should be ready to take the AP computer science test which will hopefully make it easier to get into the college they want (if they are actually interested in programming).

These online self-guided lessons are great, but not a replacement for classroom learning.

Comment Re:Can they attract developers? (Score 2) 243

As a mobile developer I'm drawn to Tizen because it doesn't have the cruft that Android does and is possibly even more open. I want a Tizen phone to play with. The SDK and tools look mature and the simulator works well. I like that you don't have a .Net/Java virtual machine in your way.

Despite Android having a much improved java engine, it's still lacking in a lot of ways:
  • - no Java8 Lambda goodness on Android(and likely never will be)
  • - Dalvik still has garbage collection slowdowns at inexplicable times...
  • - To use native code you're running many things through the JNI, which is not elegant

Comment Re:Good try, but a bit dissapointed... (Score 2) 94

Blade Runner is a Frankensteinian tale about creation revolting against its creator, questioning the meaning of death, whereas Do Androids ... is about empathy as an essential human quality in a world where everything is artificial. Much of the novel is about Deckard's desire to buy a pet, required for spiritual fulfilment according to the religion of Mercerism. Death is as unimportant to the book as Mercerism is to the film.

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