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Comment A fine example of the nonsense (Score 1) 381

This is a great example of the self serving nationalist nonsense that has so much currency in India.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Not generous misreading of religious texts.

Re: Aliens - the indulgence by Hollywood of pet Aryan origin theories is not proof of anything. I can't believe I have to say that.

P.S " jews (the gem trading race) "....that is a priceless phrase.

Comment Are you sure its Big Data? (Score 1) 147

Don't confuse a regular data warehouse with Big Data. If Big Data is a "thing" your company wants to get into, it probably does not apply to you.

As for your data warehouse, MS SQL Server and is a good enough base to start with. IBM's DB2 is another underrated platform. Don't feed Oracle please.

Comment Did black Africans reach America before Columbus? (Score 1) 276

"While in Egypt, Musa explained the way that he had inherited the throne after the abdication of the previous ruler. He explained that in 1310, the emperor financed the building of 200 vessels of men and another 200 of supplies to explore the limits of the sea "

The story suggests that 13th century Malian emperor Abu Bakr II led an expedition that reached the mouth of the Amazon river before disappearing forever into the rain forest.

Comment Re:If you have the opportunity (Score 1) 433

Shame on you for believing the simplistic islamaphobic narrative......The jihadists have not got Islam right with their selective theology.
You're supporting their claim to the ownership of the religion...funny how hate can collaborate across enemy lines. The hundreds of millions of devout Muslims living peaceful lives - who are you to say that their faith practice is inauthentic?

Every theological argument that the jihadists have used from the Quran and Sunnah to justify mass murder can and has been refuted with the same sources. Religion is what you make it.

Comment Re:Taking one course solves a "shortage"? (Score 1) 147

>>There is a 57.67% cost of living difference between here and the west coast. What people see is that we offer $40K starting where as the coast will offer $63K. Yet, they are the same amount as far as cost of living goes.

How is that rationalization working out for you?

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