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Computers Key To Air France Crash 911

Posted by kdawson
from the who-or-what-do-you-trust dept.
Michael_Curator writes "It's no secret that commercial airplanes are heavily computerized, but as the mystery of Air France Flight 447 unfolds, we need to come to grips with the fact that in many cases, airline pilots' hands are tied when it comes to responding effectively to an emergency situation. Boeing planes allow pilots to take over from computers during emergency situations, Airbus planes do not. It's not a design flaw — it's a philosophical divide. It's essentially a question of what do you trust most: a human being's ingenuity or a computer's infinitely faster access and reaction to information. It's not surprising that an American company errs on the side of individual freedom while a European company is more inclined to favor an approach that relies on systems. As passengers, we should have the right to ask whether we're putting our lives in the hands of a computer rather than the battle-tested pilot sitting up front, and we should have right to deplane if we don't like the answer."

Comment: Re:And how about... (Score 1) 554

by g-doo (#28000077) Attached to: Mozilla Preparing To Scrap Tabbed Browsing?

...not having 500 tabs open, just because you want to read them in the next 3 years or something? ^^

You know, there is a feature called "bookmarks" for this.

Sometimes, we keep tabs open to maintain the current state of the page, which may be different the next day or hour (something URL bookmarking doesn't address).

Comment: Re:Um, doesn't the phone have asian language input (Score 1) 392

by g-doo (#24965599) Attached to: Apple Losing Touchscreen War

"it's getting a sound thrashing from Moto and Samsung, who've cornered the Asian market where touchscreens are popular for their ability to let users input Asian languages without all that fiddly Qwerty nonsense."

The iPhone does have non-QWERTY touch-based Asian input. It looks gesture based, and it's been available since firmware version 2.0.


It looks like the submitter didn't do this homework before posting.

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