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Comment Re:Dumb question (Score 1) 243 243

What do all vaccines and immune-booster/etc have in common? To cross the blood brain barrier, they MUST have a protein carrier attached.

What proteins do they use because they are cheap? Nuts and Eggs and other preservatives (Thimerosal) to make them last 10 years+

A little polysorbate/mercury/Aluminum to stabilize the virus when it meets brain tissues, these additions can help make the tissue more porous. This stuff is pretty bad, that's why adults & children can die from Encephalitis (brain inflammation.)

I don’t care to read much of what’s on the website but take a look at all the stuff added into these vaccines here:


Yeast/Lactose/Dextrose/salts/sugars/vitamins all little additions to something your body then has an immune response to (the virus.)

So why wouldn’t you develop allegories to these things? Your body ‘remembers’ a traumatic event associated with it that it had to fight off.

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Fellatio didn't start until the Roman Empire (thats when public baths started) and ancient Egyptians weren't dark. They are the same pigment a tanned Caucasian is. Now Nubians, they were dark.

IS that true? Or is that just when it was recorded? I had never heard that before!

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