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Comment: Corrupts Video files (Score 1) 210

by fxsoap (#47937967) Attached to: iOS 8 Review
Beware Ipod Touch/Phone 5th Gen users if you add your own .mp4 files (movies/videos/pron/whatever) and don't purchase shows to watch on your devices. The IOS 8 update has corrupted the video files for myself and 3 other friends of mine. No music affect at the moment. Also video files are now limited in their description to 18 characters when viewing them in their list form that shows up when you go to videos. So now for me, videos show up for example as : The.Daily.Show.201... and can not be look at further before opening them.

Comment: Re:Simply ignore studies ... (Score 1) 588

by fxsoap (#47806661) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

Haha "I hope NOW you understand that." Are you out on the internet just to argue?

No diet, regardless of exercise would ever be healthy in any sense of the word if you ate 12k calories of Pizza.

Balanced diets and regular exercise is important and these food types are not normal.

And you are remembering his diet wrong....he never ate anything like that.

He ate a variety of foods and even those aren't healthy.

Also see:
"But these kinds of calculators donâ(TM)t really apply to a someone like Phelps, who exercises way more vigorously than the typical person, says Kathleen Laquale, an athletic trainer and nutritionist who teaches at Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts. Even by athletic standards, Phelps is in his own league."

So he isn't exercising normally/properly. He's way off the chart in the extremes that most people's bodies would need years to condition to without damage.


Net Users In Belarus May Soon Have To Register 89

Posted by timothy
from the not-just-register-their-displeasure dept.
Cwix writes "A new law proposed in Belarus would require all net users and online publications to register with the state: 'Belarus' authoritarian leader is promising to toughen regulation of the Internet and its users in an apparent effort to exert control over the last fully free medium in the former Soviet state. He told journalists that a new Internet bill, proposed Tuesday, would require the registration and identification of all online publications and of each Web user, including visitors to Internet cafes. Web service providers would have to report this information to police, courts, and special services.'"

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