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It's worth noting that Energia originally started out as OKB-1 of NII-88 and was the centre for the Soviet space program that put man into space, so it was originally part of the government.

This (presumed) takeover is actually a move back to the old days of government control, although I'd assume more as a way of establishing control rather than paying lip service to socialist ideals.

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by fuzzywig (#47501009) Attached to: Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'
AdBlock Plus has been blocking YouTube ads for years*, and Google don't seem to care, even though as far as I can tell, it's just blocking "ad3.swf" while allowing "watch_as3.swf", which can't be hard for Google to work around.

I can only assume that Google don't see it as much of a loss of revenue, or that whoever is in charge of the decision doesn't like adverts.

*(It wasn't until I was round at someone's house, and they showed me something on youtube which had an ad on it that I even realised they existed, apparently this was at least a year after they were introduced.)

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by fuzzywig (#47279823) Attached to: TrueCrypt Author Claims That Forking Is Impossible
frogrot is my favourite word of today.

And yes, the (alleged) TC developer was doing a great job of avoiding the main questions "can we change the license on the code to GLP?" and "can we use the name TrueCrypt?". The original email even mentions that they foresee having to re-write chunks of the code.

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by fuzzywig (#47271915) Attached to: Teaching Creationism As Science Now Banned In Britain's Schools
It's not really smugness, it's closer to the feeling you get when you understand something better than you did the day before, ("oh, that's how a carburettor works").

It's not necessarily a nice feeling, for example I know I'm not going to get to meet my dead granddad again, but I'd rather have it than be wandering around with false hope that somehow everything is going to be fine.

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