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Comment: Re:OK, based upon notebook shopping thus far (Score 1) 118

Which bowser and which applications? Are you sure you're not counting cache as used RAM?

I'm currently on a Win7 machine, with 8Gb of RAM, running firefox, thunderbird and two VMs (1GB of RAM each) and a bunch of other stuff and I'm just over 4GB used.

Comment: Re:For all of you USA haters out there: (Score 1) 378

by fuzzywig (#48939013) Attached to: Why ATM Bombs May Be Coming Soon To the United States
It's not just about skimming, a card with just a mag-stripe is very easy to clone (you can do it with a strip of video tape). So when credit card details are stolen anywhere in the world, they're sent to the US to be turned into cloned cards so the money can be extracted, and then laundered and sent back to the country of origin.

My card provider blocks all US transactions unless I ring them up and tell them I'm going on holiday to America.

Comment: Re:most of you will pretend you understand (Score 1) 84

by fuzzywig (#48817923) Attached to: OpenBSD's Kernel Gets W^X Treatment On Amd64
For me the link was right at the start of a new line and not very noticeable, I didn't see it until after I'd read the article (and googled W^X myself).

I'm not sure what the post would have lost if they'd included a short explanation ("W^X (memory can be Writeable OR Executable)").

Comment: Re:Reusable != cheap. (Score 1) 43

by fuzzywig (#48703531) Attached to: BU Students Working On a Cheaper, Gentler Suborbital Rocket
Actually, their thrust vectoring is a new system I've never seen before, which creates shock waves in the exhaust inside the nozzle which deflects the exhaust. They claim it's lighter than other control methods. You can see it working in the video in TFA.

I'm not sure how well their method will work, but it's always interesting to see a new idea.

Comment: Re:temporary (Score 1) 363

by fuzzywig (#48689817) Attached to: Trees vs. Atmospheric Carbon: A Fight That Makes Sense?
I think the point of the article is to plant new forests (or rather replant the ones that were there before humans arrived). You're right that an already existing forest is carbon neutral, adding a 'new' tree will reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere (and the amount of water, and a bunch of nutrients and stuff).

Comment: Re:May 2015 (Score 1) 523

by fuzzywig (#48425237) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?
Actually, one of the things that was likely to limit the life of the lander, (if it had landed where it was supposed to), was heat build up. Where it has landed up now is cooler, and so the lander might last for longer.

It's already spent ten years in open space, low temperatures aren't much of a problem.

Comment: Re:Man up (Score 1) 279

Though the walls? Why bother? We just tacked ours round the walls (it's a rented house, so drilling holes was a no no). It looks pretty messy, but nobody ever seems to notice it.

Sweet, sweet GB, all round the house. Of course, our internet connection is only 150MB, but it's handy for moving files around.

Mommy, what happens to your files when you die?