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Journal: fuzzix's Windows tips #4152

Journal by fuzzix

This one is for all you in middle management who enjoy sending memos - this tip will help enhance the reader experience. Follow these steps precisely and you will instantly appear more professional and approachable in the eyes of your peers and underlings:

  1. Download this file. (Right click, Save As...)
  2. Rename it to haha.bat (You can click it and press F2 to do this)
  3. Use the password you got by pressuring your mate in IT to log on as 'Administrator'.
  4. Locate haha.bat
  5. Double click it.

If you followed these steps exactly you have just attained instant credibility. This tip can be of benefit to others as well. If you have a GeoCities website or are inclined to print guidelines for the people in your office you too can reap the rewards of this radical new method!


Journal: No more

Journal by fuzzix

home server for the moment - may return when I get the p90 going...