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Comment: Re:Screen res (Score 1) 211

by malf-uk (#32429238) Attached to: Android Compatibility and Fragmentation

I'd have assumed that the previous poster was referring to horizontal (or vertical resolution*), not the actual pixel count within that missing area

Seeing as it leaves 384000 pixels out of the original 409920, the 25920 pixel loss accounts for a fairly small loss of 6.3%.

* depending on which way you're holding it ;)

Comment: Re:Makes me wonder... (Score 2, Interesting) 137

by malf-uk (#27164775) Attached to: Mythic Shutting Down 63 <em>Warhammer</em> Servers

Saying that it's emulating WoW poorly is a bit harsh, considering that the large scale PvP or RvR side of it is more emulating their previous MMO more than WoW. Which is what attracted me (and still does) to this game as I personally find WoW dull in this respect.

I do personally prefer DAoC's RvR though.

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